D&D 4th Edition The Kolloseaum: Team Go Hard or Go Home (DM: Iron Sky, Judge: Luinnar) - Page 42

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    OOC: Oh, you're right. Damn.


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    As Corragan moves behind one of the fallen peces of masonry, but it is not an elf that appears from the far side. In his crocodile form, he barrels towards the remaining beast lord, snapping at him with his jaws, but the beast lord dodges from his grasp.

    The giant toad looks for direction from Corragan, but the only remaning enemy is out of reach, so it hops towards him.

    Move: Move to I4
    Minor: Wild Shape into beast form
    Standard: Charge bl2 to E4, attacking with Savage Rend

    Giant Toad moves to G8

    Corragan - Elf Druid (Unaligned) Level 1
    Initiative +3

    Passive Insight 15; Passive Perception 22; Senses Low-Light

    HP 28 Bloodied 14 Surge Value 7; Surges Per-Day 7
    AC 16 Fortitude 11 Reflex 14 Will 16

    Speed 8; Size Medium
    Str 13 (+1), Dex 16 (+3), Wis 20 (+5)
    Con 11 (+0), Int 10 (+2), Cha 8 (-1)

    AP: 1, Second Wind: Unused

    Wild Shape, Savage Rend, Fire Hawk, Grasping Tide
    Thorn Spray - USED, Elven Accuracy - USED
    Summon Giant Toad - USED

    HP Remaining 28/28
    Healing surges remaining 3/7
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    GM: Just @VanderLegion to go. I'll update tomorrow.

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    Sha'kar moves closer to the other combatants and looses a flaming bolt at the final beast lord, followed quickly by another magical one.
    Move: to G7
    Standard: Burning Weapons vs BL2 - hit for 8 damage
    Action Point - Standard: Magic Weapon vs BL2 - Hit for 12 damage
    Sha'kar Menoth Male Genasi Artificer
    Initiative: +0, Passive perception: 17, Passive Insight: 12, Senses: Normal

    AC: 16, Fort: 15, Reflex: 14, Will: 14
    Resist 5 Psychic

    HP: 30/30, Bloodied: 15, Surge Value: 7, Surges Left: 4/10
    Action Points: 1/1, Second Wind: unused

    Allarian, Tsugo

    Basic Attacks:
    Melee Basic Attack: +2 vs AC - Quarterstaff 1d8
    Ranged Basic Attack: +2 vs AC - Repeating Crossbow 1d8

    At-Will: Magic Weapon, Thundering Armor
    Encounter: Burning Weapons, Healing Infusion: Curative Admixture, Healing Infusion: Resistive Formula, Void Assumption
    Daily: Icebound Sigil
    Item:Alchemist's Fire (1/1)

    Quarterstaff - 1d8
    Repeating Crossbow - 1d8 (Equipped)
    Current magazine: 6 bolts
    Full Magazines Remaining: 13
    Partial Magazines Remaining: 1 with 4 bolts


    Crossbow Caster - Use Crossbow as implement for implement attacks
    Voidsoul - Resist 5 Psychic damage
    Arcane Empowerment - Empower magic item once per day + once per milestone (Augment Energy or Impart Energy)
    Augment Energy - A weapon gains a +2 bonus as a free action once. A weapon can't be infused twice (lasts until next extended rest or until used)
    Impart Energy - Recharge a daily magic item. An item can't be recharged twice in a day.
    Arcane Rejuvenation - When an ally uses a daily magic item they gain 4 temporary hit points.
    OOC: Burning Weapons - Until the end of Sha'kar's next turn, he and any ally within 2 squares of him deals +4 extra fire damage with weapon or fire attacks.
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    Match Three: A Simple Arena Duel?, Round 4

    When struck, the frog explodes like a poisonous pinata though fortunately everyone manages to hold there breath and avoid the worst of the dust that explodes out from it.

    The last wilden, seeming to sense his end as near, shimmers faintly as he moves behind the wooden block, firing off one last wild shot before the arena collapses from under him. He doesn't even hit the water before he's pulled apart by octo-sharks, one of which swallows the red orb and all the tentacles are wreathed in flame.

    With the fight over, the announcer booms out: "They sure made short work of those Beast Lords! How disappointing. Wait, I know!" Suddenly the walls of force around the outside of the arena fade. "They may have won the match, but they still have to get out of the arena alive! What do you think of that twist?"

    The crowd goes wild.

    GM: What terrible rolling against you guys these last 3 matches...

    Map is here.

    Enemy Actions
    Dust Frog: Dust Release(when dropped to 0 hp, Close Burst 2, -2 vs Dina(cover)): 8 vs Ignatz' 17 Fort, miss, 7 vs Rilissa's 15 Fort, miss, 7 vs Dina's 12 Fort, miss.

    Beast Lord 2: Before turn: 2 saves to hold on to red orb: 5, failed the first one. Pick up orb. Shift to C4, Stealth(Camouflage Power): 17, success. Longbow(-2 cover, +2 CA): 11 vs Rilissa's 20 AC, miss.

    Octo-shark attack vs Beast Lord 2
    : 17 vs Beast Lord 2's 16 AC, hit, 9 damage, dead.

    Terrain, UPDATED
    Outlined areas are places where terrain is "incoming". It's been fired into the air and will land there at the end of the round. Any creature under it when it lands takes 1d10+3 damage, is pushed out of the terrain's area, and knocked prone.

    Each round the outer perimeter of the arena will collapse. The blue area is water and is 4 squares below the main arena floor. Falling deals no damage, but any creature that enters or starts its turn in the water takes an attack: +7 vs AC, 1d10+5 damage and grabbed(escape DC18).

    NEW→The terrain is 1 square tall and DC15 Athletics to climb. The dark terrain is floating in the water. Moving on dark terrain requires a DC15 Acrobatics check or fall into the water adjacent to the terrain, though anyone crossing it gets +5 to their check if they move at 1/2 speed.

    NEW→The outer walls of the arena are DC15 Athletics to climb and are 4 squares above the water.

    Picking up Orbs: It takes a minor action while adjacent to an orb to pick it up. Once picked up, it hovers above the character's head (no free hand needed). Each creature can carry only 1 orb at a time.

    Dropping Orbs: Orbs can be dropped as a free action. Every time a creature with an orb takes damage, it must make a saving throw or the orb is dropped in its square.

    Green Orb: The team gains regen 2 while any team member has the orb and healing powers heal +2 hp.

    Red Orb: The team deals +1d4 fire damage on any attack and has resist 5 fire while any team member has the orb.

    Yellow Orb: The team gains a "static wall" property while any team member has the orb. Any enemy that hits a member of the team with an attack takes 1d4 lightning damage.

    Blue Orb: The team gains +1 to all defenses and DR1 while any team member has the orb.

    Appease the Crowd
    *As a minor action, a PC may make a skill check to wow the crowd. If they succeed at the check, they gain +2 to their next d20 roll if they beat the DC, plus +2 per 5 by which they beat the DC. If the check is failed, the PC takes a -2 penalty to their next d20 roll, -2 more per 5 by which they miss the DC.

    I.E, if the DC is 15, 1-5 would be -6, 6-10 would be -4, 11-14 would be -2, 15-19 would be +2, etc.

    *All skill DCs will start at 15 and each individual skill's DC goes up by 2 per time the skill is used as the crowd gets more jaded. The DCs go up at the end of the round in which they are used. The DCs do not drop between arena rounds.

    *Any skill can be used, as long as the player can provide relevant character action to back up the roll.

    Current Skill DCs:
    Athletics: 17
    Arcana: 17
    Endurance: 17
    Heal: 17
    History: 17
    Perception: 17
    Religion: 17
    Others: 15
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    OOC: nevermind, I learned how to read... Will post action soon.
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    Ignatz grins, appreciating the new challenge they've been given. He wastes no time: his gouge cinched tight to his back in its jury rigged baldric, Ignatz vaults onto a nearby floating platform. He stutter-steps down its length, moving both quickly and carefully, and takes a mighty leap over the arena wall. "Iz piece of cake!" he says.

    Minor: stow Gouge
    Standard+Move: Double move ->D6, then ->A6 (half speed)
    Checks: Climb to mount terrain SUCCESS Athletics 28
    Acrobatics to balance on terrain SUCCESS 17
    Running Long Jump Athletics result: 25, Ignatz clears the arena wall.


    Ignatz Jńgerkin - Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1
    Status: Bloodied, Wolfen, Icebound Sigil, Resist 1 all, +1 all defenses
    Initiative: +3, Passive perception: 17, Passive Insight: 11
    AC:17 Fort:16 Ref:14 Will:11
    HP: 22/30 Bloodied: 15 Surge value: 7 Surges/day: 4/10
    Speed: 6 squares, AP: 0, Second Wind: unused, Temporary HP: 0
    Melee Basic Attack: +6 vs AC, 2d6+4 brutal 1 (Claw: +7, 1d8+4)
    Powers: Body of the Wolf, Howling Strike, Pressing Strike
    Furious Assault, Swift Charge, Desperate Fury
    Thunder Hooves Rage
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    Rilissa hightails it across the platform, towards what she considers the only safety net around, should she fail. Trusting in her luck, she takes a flying jump over the water, landing in the first row of spectators in the arena.

    OOC: I misread the athletics check then. If 18 clears 3 squares, and you land in the 4th, I made it out of the arena on my leap as well. Editing a third time to account for this. Also, did not take the 5 falling damage as I did not actually fall.


    Move - Move J6
    Standard - Move L4, Jump to one square NE of O1.
    Minor - Celebrate
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    Quote Originally Posted by Faraque View Post
    Sensing an easy path out, Rilissa hightails it across the platform, towards a piece of floating debris. Climbing up the debris, she takes a breather, and concentrates on her next few steps, to avoid falling in.
    GM: Note: The floating terrain is floating in the water. You wouldn't be climbing up onto the terrain, you'd be climbing 4 squares down to it.

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    OOC: I see your logic and counter you with physics. The place where I climbed up on the debris was on the platform as well as in the water. So... i still think I climbed up, lol. Your decision?

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