Dungeon Mapp 1.2

Poll: What would you like to see in the next update of Dungeon Mapp?

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    Dungeon Mapp 1.2

    Hi All,

    I'm the creator of Dungeon Mapp for the iPad from Ambitious Software. As you can see from the link it's a mapping tool and gameplay aid for square based RPGs. I've just updated the app with a bunch of new features including:

    • More Character options including:
      [-]Hit Points
      [-]Damage tracking
      [-]Healing Surge
      [-]Temp HP
      [-]Initiative Modifier
      [-]Movement rate
      [-]Bloodied status

    • Quick Access Dice Roller
    • Auto roll initiative for all characters in the Party.
    • Save Mapps to a desktop for emailing
    • Import Mapps
    • Animated Decals
    • Loads more decals that are divided by category for quicker access
    • Room descriptions and item descriptions
    • More tile options including lava, snow, sand and metal
    • Blending of tiles, organic tiles will "blend" to the next tile to create more natual surroundings
    • Better application of difficult terrain, just paint it on any surface
    • Loads of UI tweaks and functionality enhancements

    I'm posting this here to see what people would like to see next. I obviously have my own ideas (see below) but I want to put in features that a wide range of players will find useful. So here's a few ideas to get you interested, please vote below or let me know your idea in the posts.

    Many thanks for the feedback,


    P.S. For a whole mess of reasons, walls are really hard to do. I'd love to put them in and I'm sure we can find a way that's not nightmarishly difficult to use, but just remember, a vote for walls is probably a vote against something else.
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