What's Up With D&D? for Monday, 24 October 2011
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    What's Up With D&D? for Monday, 24 October 2011

    With so many releases for their DDI magazines Dungeon and Dragon as well as a hoard of freebie stuff Wizards of the Coast has been busy giving you lots to sink your fangs into this October.
    • Teos Abadia gives us his first adventure for Dungeon in issue 195, The Five Deadly Shadows. -An adventure for characters levels 7-9 set in Kara-Tur. If you are into Hong Kong style action and an adventure that showcases great villains and the way of bushido then here you go.
    • Shelly Mazzanoble shows you how a European vacation doesn't have to involve any Griswolds, but can be a great source for of material for your game in Europe Is for (D&D) Lovers, in her Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard article. A funny and clever look at using the world around us in our games, or at least the good stuff.
    • The naga and oni receive updates in the Monster Manual Update by Logan Bonner in Dungeon 195. The naga has long been a favorite of mine and now they will be able to challenge my characters.
    • Rule of Three by Rich Baker answers your questions about the pixie, support for non-PHB races, and a D&D and Magic: The Gathering crossover. Check it out if you are curious how the fly rules will work for the pixie.
    • This week we receive another excerpt from Heroes of the Feywild as Bart Carroll gives us an excerpt of The Witch. Halloween is coming up and the witch seems like a good fit this time of year. If you want to turn your opponents into frogs than check out this article and pick up Heroes of the Feywild.
    • Bart Carroll gives us another glimpse at one of the offerings from the Heroes of the Feywild with an excerpt of The Satyr. Since centaur isn't a PC race this is as good as it gets if you want hooves for your character but don't want to play a minotaur.
    • Chris Perkins breaks down how to create a memorable NPC in 3DNPC in The Dungeon Master Experience. If you really want to make those NPC's come alive and stand out from the rest of the setting than you really need to read this. Some excellent references and a great chart with traits to help you out is provided.
    • Dragon 404 and Tim Eagon keep the Kara-Tur theme coming with the Ecology of the Hengeyokai, a race of intelligent shape-shifting animals. Stat blocks and write-ups are provided for the badger, fox, and monkey versions of the hengeyokai as well as how to create and play your own shape-shifter. These playtests are always interesting.
    • Design and Development by Peter Lee lets you inside the process for creating the new The Legend of Drizzt Board Game. We get a great look at what is inside the box as well as a download of the rules of the game. If you are so inclined the video enhanced rulebook is excellent.
    • In Eye on Eberron, Keith Baker gives us a look at Fort Bones just in time for Halloween. New rules for bringing the Wasted Land to life (or undeath) in your game are provided. The Karrnathi undead aren't just a pile of bones, explore this chilling location if your players have the nerves.
    • Monte Cook takes a look at monsters of previous editions and Preserving the Past in Legends & Lore. If there was a monster from a previous edition that you haven't seen appear yet in 4th Edition this may give you some insight into why.
    • Kara-Tur month continues with Design & Development focusing on Teos Abadia's adventure for Dungeon 195, The Five Deadly Shadows. Teos pulls back the veil and shows you what his thoughts were as he created the adventure. If you were thinking about a submission for Dungeon during the submission period between now and November 31st you might get some insight from this piece.
    • In my wanderings across the boards on the D&D site I came across this interesting thread on creating quick character backgrounds and even though it is from a while ago I thought it might be of interest so check it out here.
    • The third novel in The Abyssal Plague Series, The Eye of the Chained God by Don Bassingthwaite has been announced for an April 3, 2012 release.
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