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    Legacy of the Silver Dragon: Chapter 1 (Chickens, Demons, and a Missing Girl)

    This post will be used for a recap + NPC list to provide a reference so far... To be filled out soon. Please start the new day's activities whenever you like.

    Gregof: Militia Leader
    Jorgen: General Store’s owner
    Berta: Older woman, bought pearl berries in the general store.
    Sal: Old man lives outside the town, known as a herbalist.
    Corl: Farmer who keeps chickens…
    Tatty: Young Halfling boy who Antares saw with his mother in the general store, and bought a toy for.
    Old man in general store: Deaf man who’s been seen around town by Antares.

    Erisa: Pottery craft shop owner – dislikes Halflings, or at least Bosco.
    Daenila: Makes small wood carvings and sells them in her craft shop next to Erisa’s.
    Elia: Brunette girl that Bosco interacted with.
    Tall Blonde Girl: One of Elia’s friends.
    Brunette Elf Girl: One of Elia’s friends, Bosco made a note of to ask about later.
    Gartelo: Older Halfling man, red haired – friend of one of Bosco’s uncles. Helps haul rocks out of the mines in the hills.
    Master Harvil: One of the mines’ foremen. Offering some money for exploring a new set of tunnels they’ve broken into.

    Krevan: The owner of the Half and Human Tavern.
    Anden: Barkeep at Half and Human.
    Blonde serving wench: Interacted with Stellan. From Grenadel.
    Kapen: Man from Grenadel. Bought potatoes from Jorgen when Antares was present.

    Anna: Young woman that the group knows of. Attractive, and rumored to want to leave town. Currently her foster mother is saying that she is missing, and taken by someone.
    Onarie: Anna’s Foster Mother
    Erenie: One of Anna’s friends, the one she said she was going to go to after the argument with her foster mother.
    Kestender: Father of Erenie.

    Greger: One of the woodcutters, badmouthed dwarves and elves.
    Dysare: An elf mentor of Antares, and other elves. More of a nature wizard, and one just beginning to gain respect…
    Enderise: An elf apprentice of Dysare

    Garath: The town armorer.

    Grenadel: Small village to the southwest of Ascadar. Rumors are that the caves nearby which used to supply semi-precious gems have dried up, and the town is struggling.

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