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    Quote Originally Posted by GlassEye View Post
    Yes. Found and fixed pretty quickly from what I've been told.
    This piece of news is good for sure!
    - Rhun

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    Yikes! Glad to hear he's better. I hope he's fine now and will remain fine.

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    Sorry to hear he's laid up. Thinking good thoughts in his direction. Thanks for the heads up, though!

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    I also hope he's alright.
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    Wow! I knew he was missing from a couple of games, but hadn't seen this thread yet. Hopefully he continues a rapid path to improvement. Look forward to his joining us again!

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    I miss bantering with him...

    Glad he's doing better.

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    Scott had a set-back over the weekend and had to be taken in for a second surgery. He's still in ICU. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


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    I wish him a swift recovery and will light a candle for him at the church (were' Orthodox Crhistians in Bulgaria and we get to play with fire when going to church)

    I know he has a fondness for me so tell him to hauls his arse over here and stop playing with dangerous poisonous chemicals from now on

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    Scott be well man and come back quickly.

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    +1. Another Canadian calls for Scott to get well soon.

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