Charity Release: SPACE FIGHT!
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    Charity Release: SPACE FIGHT!

    Some of you may remember that I was involved in the development of a space combat board game called SPACE FIGHT! My co-conspirator in this project was my close friend Doug Massie (Diplomat123 on these boards), who sadly passed away earlier this year and is sorely missed in our gaming group. We spent many afternoons playtesting, designing, and discussing this game (in between necessary dog walking episodes - have you tried playing a game with lots of counters in the same room as an energetic dog who really wants a walk? Doesn't work!)

    The game is not finished, but it is perfectly playable; we had future plans for it, but the core game is there, and it's a good, fun starship combat game. Most of our future plans weren't rules related, but merely about the design and production of props and accessories, which sadly will not happen now.

    However, I've decided to put it on sale at, which has kindly agreed to waive its commission for the product. It costs $19.99, and the proceeds go to the Ian Rennie Hospice, chosen by Doug's parents because it supported his uncle when he was terminally ill.

    I'd encourage you to check it out, and purchase it if you can. The proceeds go to a worthy cause, and you get a pretty decent game in exchange.

    Thanks for your time, and for considering it.
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