Hello everyone. I'm DMing the Zeitgeist campaign that Redbadge is in. He has posted here before so some of you probably know him. Redbadge decided not to post about the adventure on Axis Island, because he's embarrassed by an unexpected action from one of the other players. This of course meant I had to create an account here (I previously just read the forums here) so I could tell the story

I believe the last time Redbadge posted about the campaign was the first session (the Coaltongue), so I'll start with the meeting with Lya. The details will be a little vague since these sessions actually happened several weeks ago.

First up the characters:
Irony: Eladrin Bard, Vekeshi Mystic
Rai: Half Elemental (Genasi) Swordmage, Martial Scientist
Kirk: Human Thief, Yerasol Veteran (Redbadge)
Doran: Elf Barbarian, Docker
Bellicose: Tiefling Hunter, Gunsmith

The meeting with Lya went well; the players quickly solved Lya's puzzle by thinking in 3D. Prompted by me mentioning the strange sword on Lya's belt, Rai asked to see it, so the players got a glimpse of Lya's arcanotech vorpal rapier. The players set off for the island right after submitting a few requisition requests for later. The players got to meet the other RHC team; though Redbadge quickly pointed out something bad would happen to them siting storytelling traditions (he reads too much TVtropes.com).

Once at the island, Redbadge's knowledge of storytelling tropes proved accurate with the downfall of the other RHC team. They got Burton back to the boat and spent a little time pondering the cave in that left the cave ceiling perfectly smooth. Upon reaching the sea cave, the party quickly encountered Dupiers. After a brief scuffle (only a single round), Irony's incredible diplomacy score diffused the situation. The mildly incoherent Danoran gave them some information on the island's situation, while Rai and Kirk investigated the Icon of Avilona and claimed it for Risur. When Dupiers insisted he needed the icons, the players learned about someone else in the mines.

I inserted a new NPC here. Mechanically it stems from the awkward role of the raise dead ritual. It's my experience that permanent player death is not much fun, but resurrection presents storytelling problems (the king is dead? pffft so what? someone grab a priest). I decided to handle this with only very powerful or unusual entities could actually bring the dead back to life (fey titans, angels, gods, etc), so I introduced an NPC to do the parties rezzing when needed; however, I didn't want the players to just yank this NPC out whenever a rock falls on someone they like, so it needed to be something they would think twice about before asking. Enter Calaphax the devil.