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    [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.

    I am starting a new thread to pick up from previous posts in 'Our Party', which gives a profile of each character in the group, and details Sessions 0-1.


    In this session, the strengths of the party generation method we employed really came to the fore. In our previous three-year campaign I had noticed how the rest of the players tended to defer to Tom (who plays unit leader Marshal Baldrey Korrigan) when making important decisions. Tom is a steady, methodical player with a sober demeanour. I asked him if he would be interested in playing the actual party leader and suggested that he choose the tactical warlord.

    Given the rationale of RHC membership that links the party together, I decided to ask the rest of the players to consider themselves (and their builds) as applying for a job. (This was in addition to the keyword element discussed in the first post of the Our Party thread.) Build-wise, each player needed to ensure that they had a good basic attack and that they were second-to-none at their rolls; the best that Korrigan could choose for his hand-picked unit.

    It was great to see how the combination of role, player and mechanics has forged a genuine leader in Tom (who was previously reluctant to take on that responsibility). Marshal Korrigan is the perfect leader - very serious, moral and level-headed. The other players defer to him frequently (and compete to gain the extra basic attack each round by ensuring they are in position).

    Here we have a bullet-point account of what happened in Session 2:

    • In Stover Delft's office, the Danoran Minister for Outsiders, a young tiefling named Lya Jierre, presents the unit with a puzzle. Impressed by the speed with which they identify that the problem has no solution, she agrees that they are up to the job Delft has recommended them for:
    • Duchess Ethelyn of Shale has invaded Axis Island, a Danoran stronghold in the Yerasol archepelago. Because Korrigan, Uru and Leon know the island - and because the unit were the last to interact with the Duchess - they have been assigned to accompany a Risuri naval task force with the intention of recapturing the island and handing it back to Danor. If everything goes according to plan, their role will be purely advisory and diplomatic.
    • Boarding the RNS Impossible, the unit makes good speed for the rendezvous, discussing philosophy along the way with Captain Rutger Smith.
    • They meet the infiltration team (Tanya, Letmas, Seven-foot Dan and Burton) whom they are to follow into action. The plan is to sneak onto the island through a sea cave leading to some mines. From the mines they must make their way on foot to fortress and open the sea gates, giving the naval task force access.
    • Tragedy strikes in the form of a schism, and the infiltration team are killed. The unit sends the sole survivor (Burton) back to the Impossible with El Perro, and enter the sea cave themselves.
    • In a mine at the end of the cave tunnel they encounter Nicolas Dupiers, a hysterical Danoran mine foreman. They subdue him and his elemental minions.
    • Nicolas' strange powers are derived from three ancient golden icons that have been discovered in the mine. The unit approprioate the icons and persuade Dupiers to guide them. They call in El Perro.
    • At the entrance to the mine they find evidence of a massacre. Many Danorans have died at the hands of the Duchess' fey allies.
    • On the way to the sea fortress the unit encounter (and avoid) a headless iron golem, leaking a strange black fluid. They also come across a hidden site revealed by the golem's rampage. Leon expresses some interest in the place, but the unit simply mark it on the map and move on, prioritizing their primary mission.
    • They reach the sea fortress and prepare to infiltrate it.

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