By current reckoning it must be the Day of the Hornbeam, in the spring month Germinal, the third day since leaving Last Ferry following the faded road towards the border stockade known as Fort Key-11 (or K-11).

To the left of the road is a broad sward of grassland leading to broadleaf forest where the horse chestnuts are putting forth white candles of blossom amidst yellow-green spring growth. The forests rise on rolling hills, becoming a blur of green that laps against the feet of snow-capped peaks showing blue in the far north. To the right, a shallow stream flows back towards Last Ferry, with grass-covered moraine rising on the far bank.

The Dulat party moves slowly to allow the foot soldiers and pack mules to keep up. The land is empty except for long-abandoned evidence of orc activity, a few fragments of elven ruins and the more recent spoor of beastmen.

Rounding a bend in the river, suddenly they come upon another, smaller, group of men. Although ragged and weather-beaten, these are plainly soldiers of some kind.


In the Dulat party are Arcata, Bastion, Sh'aah and Cormoray as well as 20 1st level foot-soldiers, four pack mules and any riding animals/companions associated with the PCs.

The other group is Greggory and 4 soldiers, ex of Fort Key-11