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    Company of Chaos - All Around Golarion

    So, this Company of Chaos of mine (family and friends so we play a lot) has this totally crazy idea of playing every AP and as many modules (Paizo and others) with the SAME set of characters. No idea how far we will get but the first few sessions were so much fun and different I was volunteered to post about it.

    We do not use a level system but go by what characters actually learn so some things may look off. Otherwise the progression would be too quick.


    Cajun - Half-orc half-halfling Alchemist, quite young at the start of all this and with the goal to make his weird appearance more normal. Has a tendency to liberate items from owners he thinks unworthy of them. Blacksmith apprentice.

    Cajun is tall as an orc and has the shoulders and upper torso of one, but he lacks the facial features, and his lower alf seems slim as that of a halfling, too. If he does not shave or get rid of it otherwise, he hs lots of dark body hair, but his head and facial hair is dirt blond. His skin is light in winter and dark in summer. Hazel brown eyes with a slight hint of red in the white make him appear angry, although he hardly shows any temper people tend to be afraid of him if they do not know him.

    Mook – Gnome Oracle of Nature, with the homebrew oracle curse to stutter unless she rhymes.

    Dark skinned gnome with probably some human ancstory far far back. Pitch black, curly hair, piercing blue eyes and a smile to die for. Best friend of Zaza.

    Dadawin – Her bonded wolf mount with a limp.

    Zaza -.Halfling rogue, Carun's older half sister. Overly protective of him. Has the tendency to liberate items she thinks worthy of her ownership. Which is basically everything valuable.

    Zaza has red blond hair which can glow like fire in the right light. Her eyes, however, are hazel. Her skin is usually light brown, but in winter when she isn't out and about her skin may be almost white.

    Samin – Three-Quarter-Elf (as he is quick to point out if someone thinks of him as a half elf). Double bloodline sorcerer with a talent for wizard, with seemingly no limit to spells. Very capable in learning spells. A lot less capable of knowing when to use them. Cajun's best friend. Allergic to feathers.

    He's thin as a rake and moves awkward, constantly pushing his black dyed hair out of his face. He has died it to be able to pass as Rodawin's real son when needed – the only time he does want people to think he's a half-elf. His eyes have a pupleish hue.

    Wilbur – his accidental Hawk familiar. Cause for much sneezing.

    Rodawin Teltz – Human bard with Varisian roots, the tendency to be overly enthusiastic and the blessing or curse to occasionally spread Murphy fields (everything that can will go wrong for others). Adoptive father of Samin. Voice of an angel.

    Teltz has pitch black hair and cold appearing blue and grey eyes. He usually sits a bit slumped over and tries to pass as less than he is unless he needs to use his skills or make people do what he wants.

    Bjön –Dwarf paladin of Desna, happens to be night blind. He travels to free the world from evil, but has an interestingly liberal definition of evil. Pathfinder.

    He's got light red-blond hair but his beard grows a reddish brown. He usually keeps his hair -. Or his beard, if really needed - trimmed to almost nothing as to not get too many stares about it.
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