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    Leif's All-Eladrin DweomerFall Saga, [4E] [OOC 01] [full]

    Thought we needed a properly dedicated OOC thread associated with this game for myself, Scotley, Lou, Walking Dad, Shayuri, and Sparky. These are all of the current players in this game, and recruiting is CLOSED.


    A Note on Names

    Don't worry overmuch if your characters do not all have the same surname. In my world at least, Eladrin consider themselves free to choose their own names when they come of age. Many honor their father and/or mother by choosing a same name, surname or not it just depends, but many others feel more independent and do not select names common among their kin. Your PCs may all be siblings, from the same birth even(!), and yet you could all have totally unrelated names. Your close kinship is nevertheless written in your hearts and in your blood.

    How PCs got to 8th Level

    Level 1: Battled the minions of a Goblin Warlock in the FeyWild [Leif]
    Level 2: Continued the Battle with the Goblin Warlock's forces, routed the Warlock himself, too, and ousted him from the FeyWild. [Leif again]
    Level 3:
    Level 4:
    Level 5:
    Level 6:
    Level 7: First learned of Dweomerfall while pursuing a Firbolg Rogue in the Feywild. Caught and defeated him thoroughly.[Leif yet again]
    Level 8: Seeking the cause/source of the Dweomerfall, fight black dragon Archangault

    House Phaedran Assigns the PCs to Investigate the DweomerFall

    All of the PCs are affiliated with House Phaedran, be it by blood, by oath and duty, or whatever the case may be. Bottom line: You are all, for whatever reason, loyal to House Phaedran and you've become dependent upon the powerful reputation of the House. But the group of you are not just members of the House, you are Scions of the Power of House Phaedran. You, each one of you separately, and all of you together as a group, are being groomed to lead the House into the future. But rather than keep you under heavy guard and cloistered away from danger, the Elders of House Phaedran have seen the wisdom of equipping you to face any challenges that may arise so that you may defeat those challenges soundly. And, to that end, you are expected to continually hone your skills and increase your abilities.

    When the Wizards and the Seers of House Phaedran became aware of the danger of the DweomerFall, they naturally thought of you. The DweomerFall is a condition whereby the very essence of magic is being slowly drained from both the Feywild and the nearby Prime Material Plane. The rate of drain is quite slow, but the Eladrin tend to take a long-range view of such things, and over a long enough time, the DweomerFall could conceivably threaten much of the way of life that you now know. The Elders have been clear: The time to stop this DweomerFall is NOW. The rest is in your hands. The Elders do not expect you to solve the mystery and the problem in a weekend. They know that the flow of information may be maddeningly slow at times, but they do expect you to make occasional progress and follow any leads that fall into your laps.

    Set-Up for Opening Scene of the Campaign

    The PCs have gathered in the Feywild at their favorite wine fountain in the tavern called the Laughing Gull, located among the white towers of Astrazalian, City of Starlight. You are all here, as is your good friend Yrellen. You have agreed to meet with her here after recovering from your recent intense but indecisive battle with the Black Dragon Archangault, which occurred on the Prime Material Plane. Archangault eluded you at the end, and absconded, but you know not to whence.

    OOC: Copyright Notice: Copyright is hereby claimed in and for the terms "Dweomerfall," "Dweomerfall Saga," and "All-Eladrin Dweomerfall Saga," and all original storylines and writing contained in this and all associated threads -- Copyright 2011 by C. L. Hamman. Permission is granted to players in this game to use these terms freely in the game and reasonable license is permitted to use them outside the game in speaking about the game, promoting the game, or other fair use as that term is defined in U.S. copyright law. All other rights are expressly reserved.
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