A quick couple of EN Publishing updates!
  • We've gotten a superb 5-star review for the PATHFINDER RPG version of The Dying Skyseer (the second adventure in the ZEITGEIST adventure path). Check it out over at Paizo.com.
The Dying Skyseer, an adventure in the Zeitgeist adventure path by EN Publishing, cannot be called an adventure and hereby I'll dub it an “Experience”. What you have in these 90+ pages mixed between beautifully drawn works of art, well crafted maps with minute detail, and a script that reads out of a mystery novel transcends normal gaming. This is something different all together.
  • Check out this preview of a few pages from the MYTHS OF THE FAR FUTURE Player's Guide, the sci-fi setting in which the SANTIAGO: A MYTH OF THE FAR FUTURE adventure path for D&D 4th Edition (yes, sci-fi D&D!) will take place.