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    Welcome to Living Pathfinder!

    In order to join a play by post game, you start by creating a character on the Living Pathfinder wiki. Instructions for creating a character get you started with the "how to" and what character options are available in our world. We do not use Golarion specific names or characters; the deities and places available are specific to our E'n world. Once you have finalized your character, ask for it to be approved in the Character Submission Thread. In the past, we asked you to link the character in your request. Recent policy changes prevent new forum members from posting links in their first 10 posts. Don't worry, we will be able to find the character as long as you give us the name. A character needs two approvals at first level. During the approval process, we will make some, usually helpful, suggestions to help guide your character creation so it fits well within the living world we have. The Character Level Up Approvals is the thread where we track character leveling up to second and beyond. Active characters generally earn two to four levels in a year.

    Once you have your first character recorded and reviewed, now you are ready to wander into the Dunn Wright Inn to introduce yourself in character and wait for GMs to come recruit you for an adventure. You can enter the DWI before you have both approvals, but should have the approvals done before joining an adventure. The starting process of launching a new game is slow, taking several weeks at times, until we get a critical mass of players, and a GM to run the adventure. Patience is a necessary virtue in PbP. The more banter going on inside the DWI, the faster we will likely be to get motivated for another adventure.

    Advice for newcomers: Please don't post in a currently running adventure if you have not been invited into that game by the GM. We like to keep the games in character, and a random voice popping into a dungeon is "just wrong". Reading their adventures on the other hand is welcome and greatly encouraged.

    The current occupants of the Dunn Wright Inn and the active adventures with their players can be found on the Adventures page on the wiki. Those that are in the Dunn Wright Inn are assumed to be awaiting recruitment for a game. Those that have wandered into the "Wandering the Streets" have their characters on pause for the moment, or the players are simply taking a sabbatical.

    The Mystic Pearl on Arcane Row in Venza is the thread for tracking all purchases and sales of magical and expensive items. The first post in the thread gives a detailed account of what is available and what might be, depending on die rolls. The odd and wonderful nature of Arcane Row is detailed a bit more on the wiki.

    LPF has seven judges. Currently, they are: Mowgli, GlassEye, perrinmiller, Aura, ealt, KahlessNestor and FrancisJohn. When it comes time to approve new books, or sections of books, these are the people that hash it out. A majority vote is taken for any major rules change. The judges also handle the work of reviewing the characters for their level approvals. They do the heavy lifting to ensure that world runs smoothly. They deserve beer, chocolate, hugs and respect and admiration.

    While several of the game GM/DMs are judges, that is not a requirement of running an adventure in LPF. We would prefer that you have been a player for a while, with character(s) at least second level, so we know you understand the pace and timing of an adventure. We don't want someone who is running an adventure to get bored and disappear.

    If you would like to see what an adventure is like, and how a game flows, we have several examples to chose from. All are interesting and delightful stories in and of themselves to read.
    Past Adventures that have been completed. ( more details )
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