Pathfinder RPG Character Level Up Approvals

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    Character Level Up Approvals

    This thread is to request review of a character you have leveling up. Just post a link to your character here, any special notes and a judge will be by to approve.

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    Anna is ready for level 4 approval.

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    Reviewing Anna:
    A) squeezed in the +1 from 4th level in the abilities section.
    B) HP, the base HP from HD went from 14 to 18. Fixed.
    C) BAB went from 1 to 2. Fixed. You are no longer at a negative to slap someone.
    D) Even on the skills you cannot use, I filled in the ability bonuses.
    E) I filled in the DCs for your spells.
    F) Why did you take Hideous Laughter at fourth? It is your automatic bloodline spell at fifth. I don't know if you can take a different spell as your bloodline slot if you already have the default one. So, it is probably a good idea to choose a different spell for learned at fourth level. There are several compulsion spells that look interesting. Oppressive Boredom looks nice at DC 21. I don't think you get the language dependent boost, but all the other DC boosts add up. UM spells are available as of Nov 18th. Bungle is an awesome looking first level spell for your swap in.
    G) Inventory: Traveling a bit light?

    So, I highly suggest picking a different 2nd level spell that you learned at fourth level. Other than that, I APPROVE Anna for fourth level play.

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    When someone gets a chance, Borric Hawkins and Sylvain Marana are in the Awaiting Approval category for their leveling up to 5th level.
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    I am reviewing Syl.

    I cleaned up a lot of formatting things and filled in some stuff as well in most sections. Mainly with the adventure links because it is the same as Borric's and I could copy it across.

    Before Approving there are some things that need to be checked:
    1. Add in where the skill points were spent for each level up
    2. The Skill Points total was off by one. The headband is a temporary bonus to Intelligence. It will allow for extra spells per day, but not Skill Points. So Syl's Intelligence is effectively 19 for determining Skill Points
    3. I looked at your headband and there was some mistakes on that, I fixed them.
    4. You need to include a log of changes to Walter too as you level up.

    I have not looked at finances yet. Mainly because he is suffering from medium encumbrance and if he went shopping with Borric, then he would have probably bought a masterwork backpack and a belt pouch or something to alleviate the encumbrance issues. In any case, his total weight is 31 lbs, 5 over the limit for light encumbrance
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    Thanks PM. I somehow never knew this thread existed!

    I'll get Waltor fixed.

    Also, at 5th level, I don't think I have a pressing need for the tanglefoot bag and the flasks of acid. Selling those will get Syl back to light encumbrance.
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    Kalinn Ari (Frost) is ready for her Level 6 review.
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    Reviewing Kalinn Ari (Frost):
    A) I had to check for myself. Your innate 5 cold resist doesn't stack with the new draconic cold resist. I thought they might. Oh well. I listed the innate resistances in the combat section.
    B) The thrown dagger to hit was off. Fixed. I also replace Ability with the STR or DEX as appropriate.

    Frost is APPROVED for 6th level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satin Knights View Post
    I have gone through and reviewed Aradra.
    A) I went on a scroll bar killing spree and also added bold to several tidbits to make the important numbers stand out.
    B) Gold calculations for the current game hasn't caught up, but then, they rarely do mid-game. Not a show stopper.
    C) But, you absolutely, positively took the wrong feat at fifth level. Take a look at Boon Companion and Approved Feats. It raises Shadow up to the same level as you are. I couldn't let you miss this feat and then have to wait for two levels, or a year, until your next chance to grab it.

    So take the Boon Companion feat and rebuild Shadow as a fifth level animal companion. Unless you really, really don't want it.

    NOT YET.
    This was actually a hard choice to let go by, believe me. I considered taking it, but when I did a full build of my character, he did not have room to take that, and all the archery feats that would make him unstopable (snap shot chain, point blank master as ranger bonus feat, clusters shot chain, critical focus chain ). So it came down between this and cluster shot at 19. Which is many years away, but who knows if we even get that high.

    I also considered the character, and Shadow himself. Shadow is the second set of eyes and nose to Aradra own. He won't be participating in combat unless Aradra gets attacked. Aradra is training him to be an intimidating machine, which will give him something to do in combat. That will be a while though.

    Therefore, as crazy as it sounds, I am sticking to my original plan.

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    OK. Aradra is APPROVED for fifth level.

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