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    Reviewing Ru:
    a couple cosmetic tweaks, but noting noteworthy.
    Ru is APPROVED for second level.

    Reviewing Mesem:
    a) Forgot evasion. Added.
    b) I know you are going monk fighting style next. Do you have your skill prereqs in the appropriate places? The master of many styles lets you ignore prereqs on feats taken as the bonus monk feat, but not as your third level feat. So, you will likely need to fit a 3 ranks in (??) for the style feat as your base third level feat. You have 3 skill points per level, so can dump all three there if needed. Just a consideration.
    c) And I have to tease you about being a spell caster without spellcraft.

    Mesem is APPROVED for second level.


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    Thanks SK.

    I am in line to meet the prereqs for the style feat I'll take at 3rd level - monk gives me 5 skills, anyway, so I'm flexible in that regard. Good to note, though.

    As for Spellcraft? Touche - it's deserved.

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    Daylily is ready for level 5. I'm still a little on the fence about Furious Focus, but I'm going to roll with it. I will award +1 internets to whoever figures out what Daylily's level progression is going to look like.

    Cavernous Hode is also ready for level up, but as he's not leaving the DWI for a bit, I'd prefer Daylily go first.

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    Reviewing Daylily:
    a) The level up section has some cut/paste old data. Updated.
    b) fixed a typo in the skills section of 5 barbarian levels -> 4.

    Daylily is APPROVED for fifth level. I will get to Cavernous Hode eventually. I still have Maia sitting out there too.

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    Busted on the copypasta.

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    Reviewing Cavernous Hode:
    a) +17 -> +18 CMD vs. Trip for Mister Dickens.
    b) +5 -> +6 to hit for Mister Dicken's bite due to missing size bonus.

    Cavernous Hode and Mister Dickens are APPROVED for second level.

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    Lem the Cook awaiting 2nd level approval: Lem the Cook (Deuce Traveler) - Living Pathfinder RPG Wiki
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    Reviewing Lem:
    a) I went on a scroll bar killing spree!!
    b) Skills: Even though you have a zero in a skill, some of them you still make checks on. Diplomacy, Swim, Bluff.
    c) Size carries your intimidated down to a -4.
    d) Evasion is a class ability, not a feat. moved.
    e) You missed the adventure log section. I filled it in.

    I had to look up that splash weapons require no weapon proficiency. Learn something new occasionally.

    Lem is APPROVED for second level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satin Knights View Post
    c) Size carries your intimidated down to a -4.
    I believe this is a circumstantial penalty. Everyone takes -4 if they're intimidating someone larger than them (and +4 if the target is larger). Small characters are more likely to run into it, but it's not a flat modifier for Small the way the Stealth and AC bonuses are.
    **My most recent fiction is in Viridian Legacy: The Wasting of Duny Slough**

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    Okay. I went back and marked it as situational.

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