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    Marcus Cole is APPROVED for second level.


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    Thank you, SK
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    I am submitting Veniarus Toliar for review for third level.
    Fae'shiel Aeros, Level 5 || Tonris, Level 6

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    I would like to remind the judges that I have a character that needs level up approval that has been waiting for going on 3 days now. I realize this time of year is a busy one, but I would really like to get this level up approved so I can finish the
    one-shot it is on and move on to the adventure it is being prepared for.
    Fae'shiel Aeros, Level 5 || Tonris, Level 6

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    Reviewing Veniarus:
    a) formatting: I bolded the second I in the Summon Monster II.
    b) updated the top line of the skills section to current numbers.
    C) Kalius' BAB went up. Affected BAB, CMB, CMD and Bite.
    d) Kalius' number of evolutions 5, and skill points 12 were used, but not updated. Fixed.
    e) I added that Average Living Space costs 100 gp, because I had to go look it up. Then I found it listed in the other section.
    F) I come up with 29 HP for Kalius, not 30. 10+8+8+3con. Fixed.

    Veniarus and Kalius are APPROVED for third level.

    Please do me a favor. Take a look at Maui for his second approval. It does not have to be a judge for the second approval at first level and he has been waiting weeks.
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    Reviewing Ehdge:
    a) adjusted top line of the skills section with new total
    b) You had not recorded the cost of upgrading the greatsword to masterwork. fixed.

    Ehdge is APPROVED for second level.

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    Elenka submitted for level 4 Summoner approval.


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    Reviewing Elenka:
    a) typo in weight carried. 419.75 should be 41.75. Fixed.
    b) I listed the prices on items received in the adventure log and the TBG is due at completion.

    That is it.
    Elenka is APPROVED for fourth level.

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    Not sure if I need a full-fledged approval, but Garnet has a significant equipment update (we were mid-adventure when she hit 4th, so she did not do shopping). If approval is needed, she is here:Garnet Sharnhearth

    She is awaiting a Potion of Enlarge Person on commission from the Mystic Pearl, but I list it on her sheet as it will be available Tues and she is unlikely to leave the DWI before then.

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    Zelena Adu has reached enough XP to get to level 5. Before I go through the entire leveling, I will need some approval to do a minor character change. Specifically, 1 feat. I wish to change out Arcane Strike (yes I have used it, but with the currently leveling track of a cleric/bard, I will not reach a level 5 bard anytime soon, making it of only minor use... especially when she starts to have magical weapons.) I wish to replace Arcane Strike with Taunt. The plan will be at 7th level to get Dazzling Display and this level taking the weapon focus (battle axe) feat.

    If I get the permission then I will continue with leveling up. If I do not, then I will have to look at my feat options.

    Thank you for your consideration. ~ Songdragon.

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