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    Vincenzo was still off by seven silver pieces. So, I tweaked that, and Vincenzo is APPROVED for third level.


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    Tasanto Nysys has spent some of my DM credits learning some combat moves from monks. He appears to be ready for review.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satin Knights View Post
    Tasanto Nysys has spent some of my DM credits learning some combat moves from monks. He appears to be ready for review.
    In reviewing him, I don't think you get the Class Skill bonus (+3) if you take the 1st rank on a level where it is not a class skill do you? This impacts his Kn Arcana and UMD.

    Otherwise I APPROVE his 3rd level.
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    As far as I know, in Pathfinder, once a class skill, always a class skill.

    "If the skill youre using is a class skill (and you have invested ranks
    into that skill), you gain a +3 bonus on the check."

    "If you select a level in a new class, all of its class skills are automatically added to your list of class skills, and you gain a +3 bonus on these skills if you have ranks in them." CRB p.86

    So, it doesn't matter in Pathfinder which order the classes were taken in or the order in which the skill ranks were added. Pathfinder worked very hard to remove "timing" based issues like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satin Knights View Post
    Vincenzo was still off by seven silver pieces. So, I tweaked that, and Vincenzo is APPROVED for third level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Satin Knights View Post
    Reviewing Relic:
    a) Your GM gave you way too many magic items.
    (You are just preloaded so you have a chance of surviving.)
    b) The XP was off by 100. Fixed.

    Relic is APPROVED for fifth level.
    Hehehe, that's cos my Dm's a legend

    Thanks SK! Like I said... legend!
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    Hey gang, submitting Sylvain for a level up to 7th level. Thanks.

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    Ausk is ready for level 6 inspection. Financials and equipment haven't changed since the beginning of the adventures.

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    ss21 - I've got a very busy couple of days, then I'll be in the Internet Deadlands (as far as my computer goes, at least) for the weekend. If no one's reviewed Ausk by Sunday evening I'll look at him then (Monday latest).
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    Reviewing Sylvain:

    1) The total is right, but the notation for HD was 5d6, should be 7d6. - fixed.

    2) Added full list of Waltor's current familiar abilities to the "Familiar" line you have in Class Features.

    3) My assumption is that the extra spells in Waltor above and beyond the base allotment are learned from scrolls. If that's the case, I think Sylvain's finances are off by a wide margin. Here's how I figure it:

    Normal familiar spells / level:

    0 - all
    1 - 2 (start) +5 (Int) +2 (level) +1 (patron): 10. Actual: 16
    2 - 4 (2x level) + 1 (patron): 5. Actual: 12
    3 - 4 (2x level) +1 (patron): 5. Actual: 8
    4 - 2 (level): 2. Actual: 2

    Scroll costs for spells above normal:

    1st level: 6 x 25 = 150
    2nd level: 7 x 150 = 1050
    3rd level: 3 x 375 = 1125

    Total Consumed costs, then, assuming there weren't other consumables during Sylvain's career, are 2325 gp (I can't find any rules that speak to extra 'learning' materials for witches the way wizards have to buy scribing stuff). You're only listing 350.

    4) Sylvain can now prep 6 spells/day at 1st level. You're still only listing 5.

    5) Total was correct, but you were listing a rank short on Know (Religion). - Fixed.

    6) I'm not sure where the ACP is coming from? Your totals are split with and without, though, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

    7) Added a note that the +4 to Swim is from the Flight hex.

    8) I total carried inventory at 13,199.1, not 13,176.10.

    9) Waltor doesn't appear to have been leveled. Updated.

    10) Unless I'm missing something, Waltor should only have a +2 Fort save (he can use Syl's base save, not his ability-modified one, if it's higher, but at the moment, they're the same). - fixed.

    Number 3 is pretty significant, though I think existing treasure from Dwarven Crusade might keep Syl from having overspent. Still, I'm going with NOT YET until the scrolls / costs balance out.
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