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    Thanks, SK and Qik.

    3) That's OK, I know it was changed, though I thought it was to 1 round. (Makes a difference if you consider the Evocation (Generation) Lingering Evocations power or Extend Spell.)

    7) He'd feel naked without it

    The reason I was going Universalist was because I wanted to try out a variety of spells, especially ones I haven't had a character use before or that are new to Pathfinder, instead of just using the old standards.

    But it is significantly less powerful than a specialist. I decided to go with Evocation (regular school powers). The hard part was finding acceptable opposition schools but at least you can still cast those spells.

    Unlike in 3.5, you can use a one-handed weapon like a longsword in a grapple. I did pick up a dagger though as it may come in handy for dinner I'm low on gold though - is that likely to become a problem?

    So once he's approved, as I understand it, I should enter the Dunn Wright Inn, and look around for other 1st levelers, hoping for a DM to show up. Is there anything else I should know to get started in an adventure?


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    What you say about going Universalist makes sense in theory, but in practice, Pathfinder does relatively little to penalize a specialist and a lot to penalize a universalist.

    Gold shouldn't be a problem - you'll be rolling in it in no time.

    You're right - once you get him approved, you're both free and encouraged to RP in the DWI thread (which has been relatively quiet as of late, but a new presence in there might help to spark some things). There are a few veterans with level 1 PCs in the works (myself included), and there had been some talk about getting an adventure for level 1s going relatively soon. So it might be a week or two, very roughly, but something should get started up soon!

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    In August, SKR said one round. Then in October, he said instantaneous. So, whenever the errata comes out, I expect it to be instantaneous. Probably changed again for just the 'lingering' reason.

    I added the thrown dagger stats.

    You've made casting Detect Magic a little harder for yourself, but then again someone else is the party is likely to have it memorized.

    The DWI is a bit timeless between your entering and a GM's NPC showing up to recruit, so really you only need enough gold for your first meal/drink if you decide to order something extravagant. Some people track food/drink costs on their character sheets, some don't. Officially, Cost of Living puts the poor adventurer at not tracking meals that cost a silver or less.

    I hereby give Menik his first APPROVAL for play. You need one more that can come from a non judge. But, while waiting for that, Menik can introduce himself in the Dunn Wright Inn.

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    To help populate the DWI for another beginner's adventure, I am submitting Tasanto Nysys for review. He will be my third character, access to which purchased by DMC credit.

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    Preliminary reviewing Feran a bit early for play. Sorry, I missed him earlier.
    1) You have the First Seen: pointing to Thiera's intro. We will fix that once Feran makes his way to the DWI.
    2) a sling gets STR bonus to damage. Fixed.
    3) You had Diplomacy at 2 when it totals to 4. Fixed.
    4) The carrying capacity for 16 STR is 76 for a light load. Fixed.

    Those were easy fixes, so when your anniversary of March 22nd comes around, we will be able to stamp him as ready.

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    Spent 6 of my just-earned DMC for a third character. So, finally submitting Ru Brike for approval. I'm still working on a pencil sketch for him, and I know he doesn't have a dagger, but I think* he's going to be a bit showy, so I wouldn't be surprised if he goes all hibachi grill using his Wakizashi in the event he has to cut up dinner.

    * I say "I think" because it wouldn't be the first time a character surprised me by acting differently than I thought he would. Yes, I'm slightly touched that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satin Knights View Post
    To help populate the DWI for another beginner's adventure, I am submitting Tasanto Nysys for review. He will be my third character, access to which purchased by DMC credit.
    1. Hanbo not handbo (sorry, this one drives me nuts). Fixed.
    2. You've got draconic listed for the eidolon and orcish for the summoner.
    3. Does the DWI actually cost money? I've been assuming that it doesn't, but otherwise the finances are fine.
    4. It's a little strange to me to see a nerd character with a 12 STR. It's not a deal breaker by any means, but it seems to me that 8 DEX/10 STR would be closer to the character concept than 7 DEX/12 STR.
    5. It is my opinion that for spontaneous casters, Shield is better than Mage Armor. I think we had this discussion when I submitted Sylla. Mage Armor lasts 1hr/lvl. This is a cheap tap with a CL 1 wand. However, shield bonuses are tough to come by, and as a 1 min/lvl spell, the duration gets a lot better as the character levels. In an adventuring day, the difference 1 minute vs. 5 minutes can be important. Between 1 hour and 5 hours, probably not.

    No real issues aside from the language, and that's minor. Non-judge APPROVED.

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    1) Thanks. I have goofed that one up more than once.
    2) Fixed to Orcish. I waffled on back story a half dozen times.
    3) Officially, having a "poor" adventurer that has paid zero for "Cost of Living", costs for meals of 1 sp or less can be swept under the rug. He didn't go for soup and watered down ale, so I went 2 sp for the cost. Unofficially, yes, we hand waive meal costs for the DWI.

    4) I am going more for graceless, clumsy buffoon. He only became graceful after having six limbs to work with. And if I dropped the STR any further, the saddle bag would push him all the way into heavily encumbered.

    5a) But Shield would consume that first round's actions. Mage Armor goes on early and doesn't consume the surprise round actions. If you are dungeon crawling, you can tap yourself with a wand of Mage Armor just as you get to the door and be economical. If you are forest walking, you could conceivably spend several wand charges a day for no activity.
    5b) If you stop to search a room after a fight, you have burned through the shield's time and need to recast it for the next fight. A take 20 search is 2 minutes. At first level, two hours a day of protection seems better than 2 fights a day.
    5c) The third issue with Shield is that the fourth level class ability of Shielded Meld gives a specified +2 shield bonus to AC. So it overlaps instead of stacking. He might pick it up as his fourth or fifth 1st level spell taken for the Magic Missile negation, just because few first levels are interesting, but not yet.


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    5b) This is precisely where I disagree with you. Mage Armor wand taps are 15g a pop and last an hour. Who cares if you waste 3 or 4 a day? Money is just money, but spell slots can save your life.

    On the other hand, if you have Shield, a 5 minute Shield means 2-3 room searches, while a 1 minute Shield might not survive a whole combat. In other words, Mage Armor wand > Mage Armor spell, and Shield spell > Shield wand.

    In my opinion, of course.

    5c) Shielded Meld I did not know about. That does make Shield less desirable.

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    Reviewing Ru Brike:
    a) You were off by one on the finances. fixed.
    b) I thought about adding chopsticks and a bowl since you didn't grab a dagger, but I will leave that up to you. If I added the wooden bowl like Kalgor carries, it would have maxed out your light payload.

    Ru Brike has his first APPROVAL.

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