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    The Wayfinders - The Wreck of the Archon

    Your return to Fairhaven in Aundair is radically different compared to your first outbound trip. Flush with new wealth from the pirates and your payment plus bonuses from House Tharask affords you the best cabins aboard the next elemental airship. You are able to enjoy the luxuries that normally only the very wealthy can indulge in. Each of you have a private suite with cubboards stocked with the finest liquors and wines, the beds are made of the finest and softest material money can buy, and each of you have a staff of stewards to wait on your beck and call. The captain hosts you at his own table every dinner and regales you with stories from the far off places he's seen. The journey ends all too soon but a week of pleasures goes a long way to erasing the memories of long sea journies in cramped cabins and sweltering jungle heat.

    Upon arrival at the docking platforms a half-orc servent bearing the emblem and colors of House Tharask greets you. He bows low and informs you that Noble Qui ap'Qwyddi awaits you at his estate outside of town. The servent has already procured a coach large enough for your entire party and you enjoy a comfortable ride to his mansion. Upon your arrival you are only made to wait a short while before the local patriarch of the House is prepared to see you. You are ushered into a large study where your host sits behind a large richly appointed desk. He glances at the new faces in your group before turning his attention to Midian and Whisper. "I have received a report already from Creiden of Cliffscrape. He spoke highly of your deeds and skill at which you dealt with the matters on the island. I am quite pleased. From the journal of Brother Oallie we will be able to locate the Siberys shards he originally discovered before running afoul of that little cult. With their leaders slain and their camp destroyed there will be no further opposition to the recovery of the Siberys shards.
    I am saddened at the loss of your comrade, from what I have been told no further information regarding the assassin was discovered. However if anything should turn up I will be sure to send the information on to you. I see you have some new faces among you and that you were integral to the removal of the threat to our operations. I congratulate you on your welcome assistance. My original contract was with the others before you, however I will pay the full amount to your two comrades her and you can divide up amongst yourselves however you see fit.
    One last thing, news of your adventure will likely leak out. Travelers arriving aboard an airship always draw attention and the crews are bound to gossip. Others will surely be hearing of you soon enough, your arrival will prompt story tellers and information hounds to seek you out to hear your tales and spread them wide. The public is always hungry for tales of heroic deeds."

    He settles back in his chair while his steward draws up a bank note for him to sign over to you as your reward for your work. He makes small talk while he waits and once the money is handed over he says that he will keep you in mind if he has any further work for your special skills.

    As he predicted, over the course of the next few days your are interviewed by three different individuals regarding your adventures battling pirates, evil cultists, and undead horrors. Your story is even featured in the Khorranberg Chronicle and the Aundarian Scroll. It buys your drinks on many a night spent in the capital city as you describe glorious sea battles, sunken treasure, and the depths of the tropical jungle.

    Several weeks of comfort and leisure pass by. Midian and Whisper even receive a letter from Seria from Q'barra. She describes the fascinating life of the tribal Lizardfolk along with a few sketches of life there. Not long after that, Doral, Midian, and Whisper receive a second letter from a House Sivis carrier, addressed to them personally. Initially when they open the page it appears completely blank. However after a moment of scrutiny letters begin to fill the page as the message is magically revealed once in your presence. It reads, Loyal citizens of Aundair, Your presence is requested at the Towers of Arcanix as soon as possible. We have it by way of a trusted source that your group has certain skills that can be of use to your nation. Your services will be well rewarded. Present this letter in person at the Nocturnas Tower. A fee to the Trannix family has already been payed for transport once you reach the village of Arcanix. It is signed by Ebsculled Gaston, secretary to the Minister of Magic. As he is not a citizen of Aundair, Thom (once Kraken) receives a slightly different letter but of a similar nature. It promises fantastic riches if he is willing to take a pledge of loyalty and perform a service for the nation.

    You meet at the Golden Caravel to discuss your letters, where your adventure started with a minor plague of rats what seems like ages ago.
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