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    "It might be best to approach them somewhat openly," Whisper suggests. "Stealth and invisibility are excellent tools, but they imply an adversarial relationship. If you were detected, by whatever means, they'd assume you were up to no good."

    "I suggest a disguise. Midian, can you become a horse, or perhaps a hunting dog? Then either Doral or I, or both, can simple trappers or woodsmen who saw the fire and became curious. Then we can find more about them in innocent conversation...and if they suspect our true purpose and become hostile...there'll be more of us there to deal with it."

    She grinned. "And I wouldn't mind a chance to see how some of the things I've been experimenting with work in the field, to be honest."


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    Thom reluctantly closes the hatch on the Rumbleball as the other three set out to find the campsite. Midian shifts form into a harmless looking sheepdog and follows Whisper and Doral.
    After several minutes of hiking with Midian sniffing the way ahead of them, they spot the glow of a large campfire through the thick trees. Approaching loudly, stomping on branches, rustling leaves, and the sheepdog woofing helpfully, you make your way into the circle of firelight. A single figure is in the rough clearing ahead of you, sitting on the trunk of a large fallen tree. The figure is a dwarf clad in shining full plate metal and resting his hands on the head of his axe. His marvelous light brown facial hair is meticulously crafted into 4 tight braids. A symbol of The Sovereign Host hangs from a silver pendant around his neck. His blue eyes look out from under bushy eyebrows and his expression is a mix of curiosity and caution.

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    "Aye, ya the three making all that damned noise?" He asks as he looks over the group. "I don't suppose that the loud crashin through the forest earlier was ya to?" He laughs. "Rumbleball?"

    So I'm going to assume I was expecting you. If that is wrong I'll edit the post accordingly.

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    Whisper gives Doral a look, and reassesses the dwarf.

    "So you're the one we're meeting?" she asks mildly. "Do you have any proof of that? Just knowing about our mode of travel isn't much, you's far from subtle."

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    Dain looks to the woman speaking. "Aye, my name is Dain Guundrik and I've been comminsoned by the Minister of Magic in the Congress of Arcanix to find the floating fortress, The Archon." Dain sits back down on the log before addressing the group again. "Information is the only proof I have."

    "I have no reason to deceive ya. Sit and relax. We have a long journey ahead of us." He motions to some rocks and another log by the fire.

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    Midian Rightson, human druid

    Midian sat beside the others, tongue lolling out as he continued to play his role as animal companion for the moment. He more than happy to let the more savvy Doral and Whisper do the talking and maintain his own 'cover' until such time as they decided things were clear.

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    Ref:             02     2     +2    +6       
    Will:            06     6     +2    +14
    * Cloak +2
    Conditional: +4 vs. spell-like fey & plant effects (Resist Nature's Lure)
    Resist Cold 10
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
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    Magical Feats: Spell Focus (Conj), Augment Summoning, Natural Spell
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    1st Level / DC17/18 4+2+D Day : Longstrider, Entangle, Feather Step, Liberating Command, Ray of Sickening, Faerie Fire, Obscuring mist(D)
    2nd Level / DC18/19 3+2+D Day : Delay Poison, Frigid Touch, Lesser Restoration, Resist Energy, Soften Earth and Stone, Slipstream(D)
    3rd Level / DC19/20 3+1+D Day : Call Lightning*, Mad Monkeys, Sleet Storm, Stone Shape, Water Walk(D) 
    4th Level / DC20/21 2+1+D Day : Ice Storm, Freedom of Movement, Geyser, Control Water(D)
    * attuned to empowered spell shard
    ** Eberron shard can recall evocation spells up to 4th level: 2/2 remaining
    Wand charges: 27/28 remaining.
    Wild Shape: 2/3 remaining

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    Back in the rumbleball, Kraken has run through his repertoire of bawdy songs and sets down to running a whetstone over his falchion, even though the magic in it keeps it sharp.
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    "We do," Whisper agrees. "But rather than sit here, let me offer to bring you back to the..." she grimaced slightly, finding the name undignified (even if no more undignified than it was a mode of travel), "...rumbleball. There are others there we left to watch it who should be involved in this conversation."

    "Shall we?"

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    "Offer accepted. Lead the way." Dain stands and gathers his gear quickly.

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    Doral whispers along the way to Whisper, "He seems on the up and up, though it is our own fault for not asking more details from the Aundair government before we set off."

    To Dain he asks, "Mr. Guundrik, how did you find yourself commissioned for this deed?" Doral pays close attention to Dain's answers, attempting to validate his knowledge with what he himself knows about the Congress of Arcanix and the Ministry.
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