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    OOC: DM: I think Halleck's HP is wrong.

    Skalisss used a healing power on Halleck, for +22
    And Vimak's power added some more healing, for +9
    And Halleck used inspiring word on himself, for +19
    So, I have Halleck starting this turn at: 64

    Raijin: Cannon of Avoidance is still on you: +2 to all Defenses.

    Save: I rolled my save, but wasted a nat 20 on it.

    Backing into a defensive position, he shouted, "You look like a giant, used, feminine care product!" The insult had no effect.

    At least he was able to shake the flammable grease off his armor.

    Note to other Players: Bravura

    Halleck has the Bravura Presence:
    When an ally who can see you spends an action point to take an extra action and uses the action to make an attack, the ally can choose to take advantage of this feature before the attack roll. If the ally chooses to do so and the attack hits, the ally can either make a basic attack or take a move action after the attack as a free action. If the attack misses, the ally grants combat advantage to all enemies until the end of his or her next turn.

    Melee characters might also want to save their AP until I hit with Withering Courage, so they can double dip on the +5 damage bonus.
    Note to other Players: If you miss on something REALLY important

    Halleck has daily power Unintended Feint:
    If you miss an attack, and you are within five squares of Halleck, you can use my daily power to reroll the attack with CA.

    But, since it's a daily, please use wisely. Also, please throw up a big OOC message so I don't miss the fact that you used it.
    Action Block, Mini-Stats

    Action Block

    Ongoing Damage:
    Superior Fort feat gives me resist 3 to ongoing, and the shield gives me resist all 2, so I think the 5 ongoing fire damage is completely negated.

    Minor: Sustain Canon of Avoidance on Raijin (+2 to all defenses TENT. Sustain Minor)

    shift to O13 (+1 to AC / Ref)

    Standard: Vicious Mockery
    • Target: B2
    • Attack: 1d20+13=15 nope
    • Damage: 1d6+9=
    • Effect: Each ally within 10 squares can spend a healing surge and regains 5 additional hit points.

    Save: 1d20+2=22 save


    Brash Assault

    • Target: B2
    • Attack: 1d20+15=23 Miss
    • Damage: 1d8+8=0
    • Effect: Against the target of this exploit, you gain a bonus to defenses equal to your Charisma modifier (+5) until the start of your next turn (due to Feat). The target can make a melee basic attack against you as a free action and has combat advantage for the attack. If the target makes this attack, an ally of your choice within 5 squares of the target can make a basic attack against the target as a free action and has combat advantage for the attack.


    Halleck Stat block
    Viscount Ambrose Halleck - Male Half-Elf Hybrid Warlord/Bard 10
    Initiative: +5, Passive Perception: 17, Passive Insight: 19


    AC: 28*, Fort: 22, Reflex: 19, Will: 24 -- Speed: 5 (-1 Pen from armor)

    HP: 64/70, THP: 0/14 Bloodied: 35, Surge Value: 17, Surges left: 8/9
    Action Points: 0/1, Second Wind: not used
    Common, Elven, Goblin

    Basic Attacks
    Basic Melee Attack: +15 vs AC - Harmonic Spellblade Longsword 1d8+8 (+2 shield)
    Ranged Basic Attack: N/A

    On Shift: +1 to AC/REF
    On Second Wind: If bloodied, you can spend 2 healing surges
    Superior Fortitude Feat: resist 3 to ongoing damage
    Superior Will Feat: If dazed or stunned, you make a saving throw at the start of your turn to end the effect, even if it does not normally end with a saving through (IE, TENT)
    Orb Shield Powers:
    +2 to damage
    +2 resist all
    +2 to all saving throws
    +1 to AC

    Brash Assault, Vicious Mockery, Cloak of the Walking Wounded Second Wind, Boot of the Fencing Master shift,
    Encounter: Righteous Brand, Inspiring Word, Majestic Word, Shout of Triumph, Diabolic Stratagem, Withering Courage, Divine Challenge, Battlefront Shift, Boots of the Fencing Master Enc, Benefactor Armor Enc, Recoil Shield Knockdown Immediate Reaction
    Daily: Stirring Shout, Stand the Fallen, Heroic Effort, Song of Discord, Canon of Avoidance, Unintended Feint, Harmonic Spellblade Boon, Benefactor Armor Daily,

    Harmonic Spellblade Longsword +1

    Acrobatics +4, Arcana +5, Athletics +12, Bluff +11, Diplomacy +19, Dungeoneering +7, Endurance +11, Heal +11, History +5, Insight +9, Intimidate +15, Nature +7, Perception +7, Religion +5, Stealth +4, Streetwise +11, Thievery +4

    Halleck's Log
    Mark of Trogdor

    1. Thorkelson, a bald, tattooed man, entered the hangman's tavern and recruits Halleck and Vimak for a job. Thorkelson, needed some protection at the docks, but apparently had some sinister other motive, since he used drinks from the bar to drug Halleck and Vimak.

    2. Wake up in the middle of a fight, being helped by strangers. Give the bandits a beating,

    3. Get approached by the bandit leaders, who have two girls that look exactly like that one we want. The real girl is revealed, and natural, a fight breaks out. After we smash the goons, their leader, Hank the Tank comes out. And, eventually, Hank gets killed.

    4. Get the real mission: deliver Lerrick to brother Buchta, so he can remove the mark of Trogdor from her forehead. The mark is in indicator to all that Lerrick has been chosen to be sacrificed to the dragon Bosch. Your quest as of now is to provide safe passage for Lerrick to brother Buchta so that he can perform the ritual. This includes taking her to the portal, traveling thought it, and then taking her from the portal to brother Buchta's place of residence.

    5. Delivered Lerrick, performed the ritual, saved the day. However, discovered an evil dragon named Bosch who wears a necklace which makes him a juggernaut. Halleck carries a shield which should counter this effect. Adventurers now must stop the dragon.
    Trogdor 1.5
    1. Wait at Tavern.
    2. Fight in tavern vs statues.
    3. Kick Statue butt.
    1. Wait at Tavern.
    2. Get attacked by some shadow things, at tavern.
    3. Get on the road
    4. Run in to some people enslaved by demons. Agree to rescue them / free them from masters
    5. Encounter Beholders (really hard!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walking Dad View Post
    OOC: By my math, Vimak was only down 20 HP and no ongoing damage before Halleck's group healing last round.

    If @dimsdale can confirm this, please reconsider healing him.

    I will post his action after things are cleared up.
    ooc: confirmed.

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    Vimak Stonecarver, Goliath Runepriest 9

    Runestate (Protection)
    adjacent allies have resist all 2

    Battle Wrath
    Vimak deals 4 extra damage to enemies who hit him in the previous round.

    Rune of Endless Fire bonuses for himself

    Rune of diminishment: B2 deals -4 damage for this round.

    Rune of Mending destruction: allies in 5 squares deal 2 more damage

    Vimak follows the wounded beholder and hits him with another burning swipe of his halberd.


    No Action: spend 1 HS thanks to Halleck

    Move: to Q17 (beholder should be in reach of a reach weapon; jumping if not)
    Standard: Word of Diminishment (protection) vs B2

    Mini stat block

    Vimak Stonecarver
    Perception: 16 Insight: 21 Normal Vision
    AC 25 Fortitude 21 Reflex 19 Will 21
    Initiative: +6
    Hit Points: 70 / 70 Bloodied: 35
    Temporary Hit Points: 5
    Resist: -
    Saving Throw:
    Action Points: 1 Second Wind: 1
    Milestones: 0.0
    Healing Surge:17 Surges per day: 9 / 11
    At-Will Powers: Word of Diminishment, Word of Binding
    Encounter Powers: Rune of Mending 2/2, Stone’s Endurance, Walk it Off, Flames of Purity, Symbol of Wrath Reversed, Word of Befuddlement
    Daily Powers: Rune of Endless Fire, Shield of Sacrifice, Cage of Light, Rune of Shielding, Dread Halberd


    Non active

    WoD (Destruction)
    W3 gains vulnerability all 2 (but 5 vs OAs) until next round

    - allies gain +1 to attacks vs enemies adjacent to Vimak (B1)

    Battle Wrath
    Vimak deals 4 extra damage to enemies who hit him in the previous round.

    Runestate (Protection)
    adjacent allies have resist all 2

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    That battle continues. Halleck and Skalisss receive much needed healing as the others continue to pound away at the beholder. The foe manages to burn the paladin one more time, but misses with two other attacks. Frustrated, the eye roars loudly, then retreats over the water, heading for higher ground.


    As you turn the corner you are hit with a blast of fire. (You take 2d6+8= 14 After the flames die down you realize that the remaining druids are fighting the last beholder. They have done well. You clearly see that the beholder has taking severe damage, with one of its three stalks cut off. However, this is at a price as only three druids remain, all of who have taking much damage as well. A slain druid's torso dangles from the teeth of the beast.

    You are located in a hole created by the water, staring down onto the battle. Water is all over the floor of the large room (similar dimensions to the one you were just in). The beholder is 15 feet below you, looking at the remaining druids. It floats, by your best guess, about 15 feet above the ground

    ooc: map pending based on what you decided to do

    Athletics check DC 25

    Success: You to jump onto the eye like you did before. (same rules apply as before). You would be allow to make an attack

    Failure: You fall to the floor: 3d10 damage and prone

    It's your move dwarf


    Heroes turn:
    Halleck: heals for for 50 (thanks to self, Vimak and Skalisss)
    Raijin: Takes HS and miss
    Quan: Hits for 19 and B2 slowed, -2 to area and range attacks
    Rocco: Move to location to see what's going on. Perception 32.
    Skalisss: Second Wind:
    Vimak: Hits for 18
    Primera: Primera hits B2 for 5, grants HS+8 to Halleck and Skalisss: Vimak, Skalisss, Halleck and Raijin +5 temp hp and +1 all NAD's

    Baddies turn:

    Beholder B2:
    Free Attack: Close Burst 5
    1d20+17-2 vs Skalisss reflex for 2d6 = Hit for 15-1 = 14

    Center eye makes Skalisss vulnerable to fire 10 and if a fire attack hits Vimak, he receives 5 on going fire damage (save ends)

    At will attack
    Small Eye attack 1: Fire attack vs Vimak Reflex 1d20+17 for 2d6+8 fire damage = Miss

    Small Eye attack 2: Telekinesis Ray +17 vs Raijin fort: Miss

    Movement: Movement: move 10 feet over water and 10 feet up


    Damage to Foes and Allies for this round

    Total Damage to Enemies:
    B2: hit for 43, slowed, -2 to ranged and area attacks

    Total Damage to allies:
    Skalisss Hit for 14



    HP 61/61 Temp 7, Bloodied 30, Surge Value 15, Surges 11/11
    AC 19; Fortitude 19, Reflex 18, Will 19

    HP 15/15 Temp AC 24; Fortitude 24, Reflex 22, Will 24

    HP 70/70 Temp 5, Bloodied 35, Surge Value 17, Surges 79
    AC 25 Fortitude 21 Reflex 19 Will 21
    Hit Points: 17/70 Temp 0 Bloodied: 35:

    HP 64/80 Temp 0, Bloodied 40, Surge Value 20+1, Surges 12/12
    AC 24; Fortitude 22, Reflex 20, Will 21
    1/1 AP

    HP: 63/86 Temp 5 SurgeValue: 22 Surges: 7/11
    AC:27 Fort:23 Reflex:20 Will:23 Resist 1 ALL

    AC: 27, Fort: 22, Reflex: 19, Will: 24 -- Speed: 5 (-1 Pen from armor)
    HP: 64/70, THP: 5 Bloodied: 35, Surge Value: 17, Surges left: 6/9
    Action Points: 1/1,

    AC 20, Fort 21, Reflex 15, Will 22
    HP: 44/67 Temp 5, Bloodied 33, Surge Value 16, Surges 6/6 AP 0
    Resist Force 10, Resist Lightning 5, Resist Thunder 5

    AC: 22, For: 19, Ref: 23, Will: 22
    HP: 65/65, Bloodied: 32, Surge value: 16, Surges/day: 7/7

    Mug Wump: Beholder B1: DEAD
    HP ; Bloodied 102; see also fiery burst
    AC 26; Fortitude 26, Refl ex 27, Will 28

    Slug Wump: BLOODIED
    Beholder B2: HP 21:204; Bloodied ; see also fiery burst
    AC 26; Fortitude 26, Refl ex 27, Will 28

    Glug Wump: BLOODIED
    Beholder B3: HP 101:204; Bloodied 102; see also fiery burst
    AC 26; Fortitude 26, Refl ex 27, Will 28

    Enemy Information

    monster notes: Each beholder is hovering 20 feet above the ground.

    Beholder Eye of Flame
    Eyes of the Beholder aura 5; at the start of each enemy’s turn, if
    that creature is within the aura and in the eye of flame’s line of
    sight, the eye of flame uses one random eye ray power against
    that creature.
    HP 204; Bloodied 102; see also fi ery burst
    AC 26; Fortitude 26, Refl ex 27, Will 28
    Saving Throws +2
    Speed fl y 6 (hover)
    Action Points 1
    m Bite (standard; at-will)
    +18 vs. AC; 2d6 damage.
    R Central Eye (minor; at-will)
    Ranged 8; the target gains vulnerable 10 fire, and any attack that
    deals fi re damage to the target also deals ongoing 5 fi re damage
    (save ends both).
    R Eye Rays (standard; at-will) ✦ see text
    The eye of fl ame can use up to two eye ray powers (chosen from
    the list below), at least one of which must be a fire ray. Each
    power must target a diff erent creature. Using eye rays does not
    provoke opportunity attacks.
    1—Fire Ray (Fire): Ranged 8; +17 vs. Refl ex; 2d8 + 6 fi re damage.
    2—Telekinesis Ray: Ranged 8; +17 vs. Fortitude; the target slides
    4 squares.
    3—Fear Ray (Fear): Ranged 8; +17 vs. Will; the target moves its
    speed away from the eye of fl ame by the safest route possible
    and takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends).
    C Fiery Burst (when first bloodied and again when the eye of
    flame is reduced to 0 hit points) ✦ Fire
    Close burst 2; +17 vs. Refl ex; 2d8 + 6 fi re damage.

    Adventure Summary

    Summary of Events
    1. Prevented a flesh golem from killing the Weinfurter family. Body guard turned bad.
    2. Dismantled the Crossed Sword and Skull Gang by killing Leader Hank the Tank
    3. Prevented a possible encounter with a pack of wolves...for the moment
    4. Alpha wolf presents orb of nature to Lerrick who gives it to Nementah.
    5. Halleck finds orb of elements after party defeats band of ogres and a hill giant. He gives it to Raijin.
    6. Defeated Bosch's dragonborn minions who tried to disrupt the ritual for removing the mark of Lerrick.
    7. Mark is successfully removed from Lerrick by brother Buchta.
    8. Encounter the great dragon Bosch for the first time. Dragon leaves but swears revenge.
    9. Party returns Lerrick to mother in Daunton, but the father was not there as he was on an urgent task for brother Navio, something related to the shield.
    10. Rocco tested for invoking a god. The party as well as other patrons at the tavern help defend Rocco from her wrath.
    11. Party helps Druid retrieve artifact: The Branch of Life
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    ooc: It's the party's turn.

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    OOC: Crazy dwarf in action! This time there is no Dante to spoil it

    Rocco does not consider the implications on what he's doing, he just does. Diving head first toward the beholder, he rolls in the air, coming down with dull thud. The strike quickly turns into wild swing as he spreads his arms to maintain the balance.

    "Never fear, druids! Help is on the way! Your leader sacrificed himself to get us in here. Now we'll manage this squeeshies! Make some distance and heal! And you, orb! you're about to feel THE PAIN!" roars Rocco into the beholder.

    Dripping wet, with minor burns on him and with savage grin, his hair and beard bristling, he is the sight to weaken the knees of lesser opponents. Luckily for the beholder, he has no knees to weaken.


    Move: Athletics (1d20+12=28)

    Standard: Sweeping Blow vs B3 AC; damage (1d20+16+2=19, 1d8.minroll(2)+10+1d6=18) - MARK - would this 'attack' push him down 1?

    Immediate Reaction: If B3 attacks and misses Rocco, use Counterstrike guards daily for MBA: +14 vs AC for 1d8.minroll(2)+10+1d6
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    Nementah calls another slew of spirits, but the will of the aberration is stronger then it's body. And this time, it avoids a lash of spiritual hoove, seeing that it heals his enemies.


    OA: Spirits Shield vs Ref (B2) (1d20+12+1=19) - miss

    Standard: Haunting Spirits vs Will (B2); psychic damage (1d20+12+1=19, 1d6+8=11) - miss

    Move: Nementah moves toward the pool (N10)
    Allies adjacent to Primera have +1 to NADs
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    Raijin reaches out his staff and tosses thunder and lightning at the beholder, it is struck and tumbles to the ground dead. Where is the last one?

    Standard: Stormwalk HITS for 22 damage
    Move: Walk 6

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    OOC: Is the combat over for now? If not, Vimak will just use Total Defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmeier1 View Post
    Raijin reaches out his staff and tosses thunder and lightning at the beholder, it is struck and tumbles to the ground dead. Where is the last one?

    Standard: Stormwalk HITS for 22 damage
    Move: Walk 6
    As the sorcerer delivers the final blow on the orb, it roars one last time before blowing up into a huge fireball that engulfs four of the heroes

    OOC: 1d20+17 vs reflex: Skalisss, Raijin (before his last movement), Halleck, and Vimak respectiveiy for 2d6+8 fire damage: Hit Skalisss, Raijin, and Halleck for 14: Misses Vimak

    1. Raijin has fire defenses and Skalisss's damage is reduced by 1
    2. Vimak's total defense didn't occur before the blast, not that it matters anyway because he wasn't hit
    3. Encounter is still going on as you hear shouts and deep roars of the third beholder from the (now dry sinkhole from while Rocco exited. You noticed the bright flash of light produced from an unmistakable blast of fire


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