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    Great Resources Rechan.

    Here are a few more:
    The Points of Light blog has some ideas for demonic minotaurs and sinister duergar for H2 Points of Light

    DMG 42 has more ideas for H2: DMG 42: thunderspire labyrinth

    But the best by far is the encounter-by-encounter analysis done by Eleven Foot Pole - a crucial resource for H1: Eleven Foot Pole: Keep On The Shadowfell

    and H2: Eleven Foot Pole: Thunderspire Labyrinth (watch out the blog has a broken link when going to newer H2 posts - you have to go to to the next page then back to the page before)


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    My communities:

    Not a resource but rather a blatant plug for my latest story hour- see sig, we're on our way through the WOTC Core modules, actually we're playing a version of Pyramid of Shadows at the moment.

    But the story in the sig recounts the changes I've made along the way, starting with KOTS- it starts pretty much according to campaign spec but we go off-roading a little while in.

    The other cool thing is the monster images come courtesy of Derek at iheartprintandplay.blogspot.com.

    It's also updated every day, although I only started it a 2-3 days ago.

    Check it out.
    4e Points of Light Campaign (with nice images), go here.

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