SANTIAGO/Myths of the Far Future (Most of) the Myths of the Far Future Player's Guide

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    (Most of) the Myths of the Far Future Player's Guide

    This is a sneak preview of where the 4E Player's Guide is at so far. Please note - it isn't finished yet! Amongst other things we have sections to add:
    • At the beginning, explaining what MOFF is, and what the SANTIAGO adventure path it, and how to use the book as a generic D&D Future sourcebook
    • A section on notable NPCs in the default setting
    • A section which translates all the magic items in the D&D 4E PHB into technological items

    The Pathfinder version is being worked on from scratch (we're taking a slightly different approach, since we came to realise we were actually writing "Pathfinder: Space / Pathfinder: Far Future").
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