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    GM: Welcome to Catastrophe!

    This first post will be a frequent go-to for both you and myself. During the course of this adventure, I will be posting the Encounters you have completed and the XP/Treasure earned in this section. When I award XP, I will first update this post, and then I will link to it when giving out the award. This should make it easy for all of us to keep track of all of the rewards given in this adventure.

    Before we start, I would just like to take a few moments to lay out a few simple rules:

    1) I will be using the Malenkirk battle system: In a nutshell, all of the badguys' initiatives will fall on the same count, they will all go "at once" and the results of their turn will appear in one post by myself (that way you know when it's your turn). Those who's initiatives are higher than the bad guys will go first, then the badguys, rinse, repeat as necessary

    As far as action types of the reactive/interrupt nature are concerned: Use em when you got em! Since it is entirely possible that other characters may post before you get the chance, I will be extremely fair. As long as that particular enemy has not had the chance to act again, then its fair game to use your reactions/interrupts on him. If I need to roll back the proverbial clock to manage things, then we'll work it out

    2) I expect a decent post rate. I'm not going to be a post-Nazi and say that you absolutely MUST post 3 times a day. I would prefer to see posts at about a 1 per day rate from each of you, however, I do understand that real life happens; In fact, I have a wife, 3 kids, a full time job, and I go to college pulling down roughly 12 units per semester, so if you miss a day or two here and there, no problem. If you can't post for more than 48 hours, please try to hop on and let us know before you disappear so that either I or another player (of your choice, make arrangements) can NPC your character for a turn (just make a quick post saying "hey, can't post right now, will do so on <date here>" or something like "Can't post now, NPC me on my next turn" That way we're not all waiting on someone to post without knowing the situation). If you plan on being longer than a week before a post (upcoming vacation, travel, etc) please let us know. This is more for the rest of your fellow players than it is for me.

    3) HAVE FUN! If you don't, the beatings will continue until morale improves!

    4) HAVE FUN! (no seriously...really...please?)

    Cast of Characters

    * Dina - lvl 3 Deva Hybrid Artificer|Warlord
    * Ignatz - lvl 3 Half-orc Barbarian
    * Sha'kar - lvl 3 Artificer
    * The Cursed One lvl 1 Hybrid Paladin|Warlock
    * Corragan - lvl 3 Druid
    * Rilissa - lvl 3 Shadar-kai Swordmage (Player no longer part of this adventure)


    Earned from December 14th 2011, through May 4th 2012.

    The Cursed One (earned for lvl 1): 4 months @ lvl 1 gives 668 xp & 504 gp. 20 days (aka 2/3rds of a month) @ lvl 1 gives 111 xp & 84gp. That totals to 779 xp & 588 time gold!

    Congratulations on officially earning 2nd level TCO!


    Ignatz, Dina, Corragan, and Sha'kar:

    From 14 Dec - 14 Feb: 2 months @ lvl 3 gives 500 xp & 508 gp.

    From 15 Feb - 14 April: 2 months @ lvl 4 gives 584 xp & 700 gp.

    20 days (aka 2/3rds of a month) @ lvl 4 gives 195 xp & 233 gp.

    That totals to a whopping 1279 xp and 1441 gp!

    Current Wealth Levels

    I am placing this here so that I can keep track of who has how much wealth and what they should be at by the end of their current level (that way I know how much I get to spoil you guys)!

    1st level: PCs should be at approx. 1512gp
    2nd level: PCs should be at approx. 3650gp
    3rd level: PCs should be at approx. 6700gp
    4th level: PCs should be at approx. 10,900gp
    5th level: PCs should be at approx. 16,500gp

    * Dina: 7,788/10,900 gp
    Treasure in this adventure:
    Philosopher's Crown, Bold Victory Armor +1, Healer's Brooch, Power Jewel, 1,441 time gp (see time rewards above).

    * Ignatz: 7,415/10,900 gp
    Treasure in this adventure:
    Iron Armbands of Power, Badge of the Berserker +1, Marauder's Armor +2, 1,441 time gp.

    * Sha'kar: 7,500/10,900 gp
    Treasure in this adventure:
    Warmage's Uniform Leather Armor +1, Bracers of Respite, Amulet of Protection +2, 2,063 gp (cause I didn't really know what else to give you), 1,441 time gp (Total of 3,504 gp).

    * TCO: 5,000/6,700 gp
    Treasure in this adventure:
    +1 Fullblade of Defense, Dazzling Plate Armor +1, 2,632 gp, 588 time gp (Total of 3,220 gp)

    *Corragan: 7,500/10,900 gp
    Treasure in this adventure:
    Alfsair Spear +1, Pouncing Beast Armor +1, Badge of the Berserker +1, Panther's Slippers, Claw Gloves, 1,062 gp, 1,441 time gp (Total of 2,503)

    Completed Challenges and XP

    * Skill Challenge 1: Saving Sailors/Survive the Storm/Finding the Hive
    ** This was a lvl 3 skill challenge of complexity 4 (10 successes before 3 failures)
    ** Group completed 7 major successes before 3 failures. As a partial success, this meant that the group was penalized by seeing only 1/2 of the Kruthik that would be in the battle.
    ** This Skill Challenge is worth 1200 XP. Although Rilissa is no longer part of the group, he did help complete this challenge. As such, the reward will be divided by 6 members, meaning each of you earn 200 XP from this challenge.

    * Battle 1: Kruthik Workers
    ** This battle contained 5 Kruthik Young and 9 Kruthik Hatchlings (who I renamed as simply Kruthik Workers).
    ** Before any real actions were taken by Faraque (Rilissa), he quit the adventure, so the reward for this battle will be divided by only 5 members.
    ** Kruthik Young are worth 125 xp each and Kruthik Hatchlings are worth 31 xp each. This adds up to a total of 904 xp. Due to L4W reward rules, this amount is doubled to 1808 xp. 1808 divided among 5 members means you each earn 361 xp.

    * Battle 2: Kruthik Soldiers
    ** This battle contained 3 Kruthik Soldiers (AKA Kruthik Adults), and 8 Kruthik Workers (3 Kruthik Young, and 5 Kruthik Hatchlings).
    ** The rewards for this battle are divided among the group's 5 members.
    ** Kruthik Young are worth 125 xp each, Kruthik Hatchlings are worth 31 xp each, and Kruthik Adults are worth 175 xp each. This adds up to a total of 1055 xp. This doubles to 2110 xp. When divided among the 5 members, it gives each of them 422 xp.

    * Battle 3: Kruthik Queen
    ** This battle contained 1 Kruthik Queen (AKA Kruthik Hive Lord [lvl 6]), 1 Kruthik Princess (AKA Young Kurthik Hive Lord [lvl 4]), 4 Kruthik Sentinels (AKA Sharn Kruthik [lvl 2]), and 3 baby Kruthik Swarms (AKA Fresh-Hatched Kruthik Swarm [lvl 3]).
    ** The rewards for this battle are divided among the group's 5 members.
    ** The Hive Lord is worth 500 xp, the Young Hive Lord is worth 350 xp, the Sharn Kruthik are worth 125 xp each, and the swarms are worth 150 xp each. This adds up to a total of 1800 xp. This doubles to 3,600 xp!! 3,600 divided among the 5 members gives each of them 720 xp.

    *TOTAL XP EARNED THIS ADVENTURE (not including time XP above): 8715 xp (1,703 xp each)


    And now... onto the game!


    When you arrive at the docks, an impatient Cadalis stands near a few shoremen who are loading the provisions for the adventurer's trip onto a less-than-grandiose sailing vessel. "Adequate" would be a good term for the boat named simply as "Crest Hopper".

    Tapping his right foot, he greets you as you arrive.

    "About time you arrived. Now hurry and put your belongings onto the ship so that we can hit the high seas. The sooner you get on, the sooner this trip can be over with."

    Generally a miserable human being, you catch a glimmer of something akin to anticipation and happiness when Cadalis mentions the high seas.

    "Oh, and before you get on, I need you to sign this paperwork contracting you officially as workers the IAC, and that you sign away any and all liability of the IAC against any happenings, injuries, or deaths that may occur against your person. Once signed and initialed, you may enter the floating vessel behind me."
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