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    Nathantiel (): 55/56 hp; HS 8/9; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:
    Berry (): 28/28 hp; Status:

    Illarion (): 39/39 hp; HS 6/7; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:

    Kamotz (): 34/45 hp; HS 7/9; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:
    (Whiggins 64/67 hp; AC 19; Fortitude 18, Reflex 17, Will 16)

    Hunzu (): 32/32 hp; HS 6/8; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:

    7 Rabbit (): 47/51 hp; HS 9/10; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:

    Eloan (): 51/51 hp; HS 9/10; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:

    Kruor (): 27/27 hp 5 THP; HS 2/2; AP 1; Second Wind; Status:

    Any corrections, let me know.

    Almost as if Kamotz gets a glimpse into his soul, he can tell Frank will pursue no further evil schemes. This broken man originally hoped to create with his knowledge of magic, alchemy and ritual, but only under the control and pressure of his master, Helsing, did he become an instrument for evil.

    Further, Kamotz can tell that Frank is truly worried about what Helsing will do to the woman, now alone on his barge. With this knowledge, Kamotz urges the party to take the boat at the end of the dock and make haste out to the ship.

    The 20 foot rowboat can each member of the group. With some last second adjusting for position, two people sit at each side for rowing purposes. The tiny boat creaks with the weight of the groups occupants. The furry Whiggins takes up the majority of the center of the vessel and you are all pretty sure you're going to smell like wet dire wolf for quite some time.

    GM: Can I get athletic checks from the four rowing people on the boat, please?

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    7 Rabbit climbs into the boat, but every time he moves to one side to grab an oar it tips alarmingly. Instead he settles his weight in the center of the stern.

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    OOC: Nate should have now 2 AP (he still can only spend one each combat).

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    Illarion feels his way on the boat and tentatively sits right behind Whiggins, holding on it's wet fur.

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    Eloan sits down and takes a moment to breath. All that running and fighting have tired him. When someone put a paddle in his hand he stares a moment. "Huh... what do you... oh... yeah..." he then starts to paddle, but even the magic of his gauntlet doesn't give him the vigor needed.

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    *Hunzu quietly moves onto the boat. He has no intention of doing any physical labor. He places himself where he is out of the way for the time being.*

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    Nathantiel Xiloscient

    Nate takes a row and starts using it with the vigor of a man that has always lived in rural environments. Looking at Eloan's effort he says: "Anyone else mind to help. I don't think we two will be enough to move this boat."


    Quick Sheet

    Nathantiel Xiloscient
    Perception: 27 Insight: 18 Low-light Vision
    AC 23 Fortitude 17 Reflex 21 Will 21
    Initiative: +17 (sense threat)
    Hit Points: 55 / 56 Bloodied: 28
    Temporary Hit Points: -
    Saving Throw: -
    Action Points: 2 Second Wind: 1
    Milestones: 1.0
    Healing Surge: 14 Surges per day: 8 / 9
    At-Will Powers: Fire Hawk, Magic Stone
    Encounter Powers: Nature's Growth, Thorn Spray, Wind Wall, Camouflage Cloak, Amulet of Life
    Daily Powers: Summon Natural Ally 1/2, Seed of Healing, Summoner's Staff


    Berry Sheet

    Perception: 29 Low-light Vision
    AC 21 Fortitude 19 Reflex 19 Will 19
    Initiative: +7
    Hit Points: 28 / 28 Bloodied: 14
    Temporary Hit Points: 0

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    Dismounting and moving toward Frank, Kamotz pulls out a piece of paper, and signs a quick declaration on it. He hands the paper to Frank and nods, I see great possibility for you, after serving the church, there is a local arcane guild that may interest you as well. I'll be checking on you. says Kamotz through his too-toothy grin.

    Whiggins elegantly pads into the boat, but as the giant wolf's front two paws make contact the boat begins to list away from the dock, until the wolf is stretched past its limit; and falls into the water. The dire wolf yelps as it splashes down, and begins doggy paddling in circles. The reaction from Kamotz is instant, spinning around and racing toward his pack-mate. The shifter seems ready to kill the attacker threatening the beast, until he witnesses the scene. Faster than expected for a shifter in full plate, Kamotz crosses the dock and reaches a hand into the water. After scruffing the beast, Kamotz pulls Whiggins front two paws toward the dock. The dire wolf pulls itself up onto the dock, and this time Kamotz holds the boat as Whiggins enters.

    I can help. says Kamotz after the boat is balanced, and his shield is secured, the shifter takes an oar and sets to work.

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    "Kruor scared of water. Me no know swim yet. What if me fall in? Me sink like rock to bottom, Kruor no see light, Kruor no hunt. Kruor just wait..." Kruor's yellow eyes seem to shrink into the sockets.

    "But me owe waitress-lady. She hurt bad, she scared bad." Kruor said, eyes now grey.

    "Okay! Me do this! Kruor row good! If Kruor fall, Kruor swim! If Kruor sink, Kruor run at bottom of ocean!" Kruor's eyes start radiating purple!

    The chemicals produced by Kruor's body are directly affected by his current "emotional" state, which once have come into contact with the filaments within his eyes, reflect various colours. Though his creators would argue over the fact whether a construct can have feelings, it is quite evident that certain colours have been associated with certain traits.

    It appears that purple is bravery and pride...

    Athletics Check

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    The rowing goes remarkably well as the crew settle into the swaying boat. After paddling several hundred feet straight out from the dock, your destination becomes obvious. Sitting in the harbor lies a suspicious bank of fog, almost like a cloud touched down in the middle of the water.

    With little effort, the rowboat rides smoothly to the fog and penetrates the borders. The fog is not as dense once inside as it appeared from the outside. In the center of the fog lies a grisly vessel. The ship lies low in the water, as if heavily laden. It would be easy to board from your rowboat.

    The boat itself appears to be made of a grim combination of bone and wood. Planks that are missing are composed of femurs and other long bones. The rails on the sides and the captain's wheel are also made of bone. Both the main and fore mast consist of gigantic bones which must have derived from some large creature.

    Standing alone at the front of the boat is the imposing figure of Helsing. Someone or something lies on the deck next to him.

    "Well, I must say I'm disappointed in Frank. But I do wish to extend my thanks for bringing the essence retrieval mechanical being to my ship."


    GM: Welcome to our last encounter. Please place your characters on the map, either on the boat or within one move action of the rowboat. Please feel free to interact with your host, Helsing. Once everyone is on the map, we will get started.

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