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    "And he wants to turn me into a soulless engine to move his ship! But wait...aren't I already soulless?" Kruor spends a few seconds to ponder the thought.
    "Does Kruor have soul? When daddy make me he say all things have a soul as long as they will it strongly enough..."
    7 Rabbit turns to Kruor, ignoring the battle beginning around him. "Of course you have a soul!" he cries. "Everybody that can think for themselves has a soul! That's what separates you and me and that lich over there -" he waves vaguely at Hellsing "- or huecuva or whatever he is - from these mere servitors." Rabbit waves his arm expansively to encompass the shambling skeletons.

    "The lesser undead - skeletons, zombies, even most ghouls - have some semblance of life, but that's all. They act only when commanded, or by instinct. But what we call 'free-willed' undead - they are the equal of any living person! They think, they plan, they feel, just like us! The soul is where that comes from! If you can feel, you have a soul." Rabbit's eyes gleam with excitement as he expounds on his theory.

    "So why would you think you don't have a soul, hm? Is it because you were constructed, not born? Where did your soul come from, you're wondering?" He strikes the pose of an academic lecturer. "The same place anyone's does! We aren't all born with souls, you know. Wait, no, that's wrong. We are all born with souls - we aren't all - what's the word? - created. Um." His face abruptly turns red as he stumbles. "I'm afraid I don't know the word in Allarian. You know, when a man and a woman come together... well, maybe you don't know... Anyway, nevermind. The point is, the soul enters the body at the moment of birth, and not a moment earlier! Except maybe for devas, I've never been quite sure how devas worked, we didn't have any at home. Huh, I wonder if a deva's star chart depends on the time of birth of its current body, or its original body?" He trails off and shakes his head, abruptly finding his place again.

    "Anyway, yes, sorry. At the moment of birth the soul enters the body. But from where?" Rabbit cocks a dramatic pose and points his war club at the sky. "From the stars!" he proclaims. "Vast intelligences drift out there, vast and profound. And as this earth we live on passes through the clouds of the astral medium, their myriad offspring filter down on us from afar. Invisible and unknown, they are, but our greatest sages can detect them nonetheless. And they are drawn to the spark of life as moths to a flame."

    "When you were created, a wandering celestial spirit anchored itself to you, just as one did to all of us who were born naturally. We call these spirits 'souls'. Nobody is quite sure how much of your personality and emotions comes from your body, or your terrestrial inner being, if any such thing exists, and how much comes from the star-born traveller who merely shelters there for a while. Some believe that our forms are merely vessels, while others believe that the soul merely provides us with a spark of the celestial energy. But it's clear - you are not just a construct created in a lab from metal and glass. Part of you is made of stars!"


    Talking is a free action!

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    GM: +50xp for JoeNotCharles, don't let me forget that at the end of adventure.

    @Darksteed just Hunzu to go this round (initiative and go if >14), not rushing you, just letting you know

    @CaBaNa Nathantiel did kill two minions, not sure if that would trigger (or you would want to trigger) your immediate interrupt. I would just rather do it now than before I have all the critters go.

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    "7 rabbit..." says Eloan nervously "I think those skeleton doesn't bother on your philosophy, or I would rather say they seems to want you to shut you up... for good, so let's handle them now and talk philosophy later."

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    Block Darksteed

    Free: Strategist’s Epiphany
    -Target: Hunzu, and each ally within burst. (Close burst 5; the entire party)
    -Trigger: Hunzu rolls initiative.
    -Effect: Hunzu makes a History check, and each target can use the check result as their initiative check result.

    Initiative Result: 27

    *Hunzu stands quietly as the cool breeze idly passes by the sea vessel. He contemplates each and every possible outcome. Eventually coming down to the most idle for there situation. His eyes flash with power as he concentrates. Suddenly every member of united heroes gets slammed with overwhelming amount of information as Hunzu's mind connects with all the others. Complex equations, formulas, and tactics flood there minds. It is troublesome at first through after a quick moment or two the thoughts begin to settle and make sense to even the slowest minded of the lot. Eventually Hunzu pulls his mind back to his own body and regrasps his polearm. Giving it a quick twirl, he slams the blunt end of it down into the ships deck. His eyes once more glow with power, as he sends out a barrage of missiles towards the nearby skeletons.*

    Minor: Wizard’s Fury
    -Effect: Until the end of the encounter, as a minor action once per turn, Hunzu can cast Magic Missile.

    Standard: Magic Missile
    -Target: Decrepit Skeleton (M6)
    -Effect: 6 FORCE damage.

    Minor: Magic Missile
    -Target: Decrepit Skeleton (N17)
    -Effect: 6 FORCE damage.

    Hunzu- Male Shardmind Enchanter 3
    Passive Perception: 13, Passive Insight: 18

    AC: 15, Fort: 13, Ref: 15, Will: 15

    Initiative: +3; Speed: 6

    HP: 32/32, Temp HP:
    Bloodied: 16, Surge Value: 8, Surges left: 6/8

    Mage Hand
    Beguiling Strands
    Magic Missile

    Action Point [X]
    Call of the Night Winds [ ]
    Charm of Misplaced Wrath [X]
    Ebony Razors [ ]
    Glorious Presence [ ]
    Second Wind [ ]
    Shard Swarm [ ]
    Shield [ ]
    Suggestion [X]

    Grease [ ]
    Strategist’s Epiphany [X]
    Wizard’s Fury [X]

    OOC: Any party member may take Hunzu's 27 for initiative over there own rolled initiative, if they'd like.
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    Awesome! 7 Rabbit made that entire speech AND still gets to act first!

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    OOC: I have always been hesitant to make long posts. No longer. Too bad the adventure is gonna end. Maybe at the end *fufufufu*

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    GM: Given Hunzu's Stategist's Epiphany, are people going to use the initiative 27 and go before the skeletons?

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    "Kamotz, now!" shouts Eloan. Kamotz try the tactic suggested by Eloan on the boat, but he seems to clumsy at his first try without any practice. He then slowly walk forward, hiding behind his shield, hoping to spot the girl and take her out.

    Standard: Surprise Attack by Kamotz vs AC on BS (at K16) (1d20+11=15, 3d10+5=21) ON a hit, 21 damages. On a miss, only 10.

    Move: Walk to H12

    @CaBaNa: Kamotz can shift 2 squares after that attack.

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    7 Rabbit finishes his speech and realizes that Hellsing - an all his creations - are staring openmouthed at him. Without further hesitation, he leaps into action! He throws out his war club towards the nearest giant skeleton an a wave of starry blackness, cold as the depths of space, envelopes it. The darkness fades quickly, however, leaving only a single star orbiting its head. Rabbit curses and bolts across the deck, out of the way of any of his companions attacks, ending up on the steps to the forecastle. He begins making arcane passes an muttering strange formulas, and his armour begins to glow with a cold light that somehow twists the eye away from him.


    Minor: Warlock's Curse on BS
    Move: to N8 (triggering Shadow Walk - concealment until EONT)
    Standard: Frigid Darkness on BS

    Even with the -5 to all defenses, I assume that's a miss.

    AP: activate Armor of Agathys, gaining 13 thp. Any enemy that starts its turn adjacent to me takes 1d6+4 cold damage.

    7 Rabbit

    Init: +1 Speed: 5 Perception:13 Insight: 18
    AC: 18 Fort: 17 Ref: 17 Will: 16
    HP: 47/51 + 13 thp Surges: 9/10 Surge Value: 12 AP: 0
    Str:10 Con:19 Dex:8 Int:17 Wis:12 Cha:15

    Eldritch Blast
    Dire Radiance
    Fate of the Void
    Warlock's Curse
    Second Wind
    Vampiric Embrace
    Frigid Darkness
    Armor of Agathys
    Hunger of Hadar
    Fevered Certainty of Caiphon
    Brooch of Shielding +1
    Leather Armour of Dark Majesty +1
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    OOC: didn't realize we ALL get to move, I thought only one can take advantage...

    Illarion moves to get a clear line of sight along the ship. He's too far away to affect Helsing, but can open the path toward him.

    Shiny star falls through the mist and blasts over three skeletons in the middle of the ship, throwing them every which way.


    Move: M9
    Standard: Blazing Starfall in M18 vs Ref (BS L17; ds N17; ds N19); radiant damage (1d20+8+2=22, 1d20+8+2=18, 1d20+8+2=29, 1d4+12=13) - hopefully good enough to clear minions - Illarion gains +1 AC TENT - no vulnerability included

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