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    Book of Vile Darkness (short review)

    I will admit that I just took a short look through it, I am kinda disappointed at the player options. I think they coulda added a lot more in. What they do have are themes for each main power source ( arcane, divine, martial, primal, and psonic). They also have PPs for evil fighter (Blood-Crazed Berserker), evil person trained in stealth (Contract Killer), arcane class (Demonologist), evil paladin or cleric (Idol of Darkness), and evil druid (Vermin Lord). There is an evil epic destiny (Exemplar of Evil).
    There are some interesting feats and items though.It also helps in making evil campaigns like the first one did. I just wish they would of had a lot more player options then 32 pages (this includes: talking a bit about evil gameplay, describing each type of power source evil, the themes, PPs, ED, and the feats). The other book just lists a lot of templats, some monsters, the items, curses, the BoVD campaign ideas, and some other stuff. The map is decent too. Over all, I would give it a C though.

    P.S. I did not go through all of it, so this is just my book cover look of the stuff I was interested in.
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