4E Wizards In Winter - Low-Level Thread (DM: Son of Meepo, Judge: TwoHeadsBarking)
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    Wizards In Winter - Low-Level Thread (DM: Son of Meepo, Judge: TwoHeadsBarking)

    GM: Wizards in Winter

    FourMonos - Merri, level 1 ardent|vampire
    Pliantreality - Nalkyr, level 1 fighter/ranger
    Wife of Meepo - Ilex, level 1 hamadryad witch
    Someone - El Chupacabra, level 1 pixie monk
    pathfinderq1 - Lenyara, level 3 scout
    medina - Marrgash, level 1 bard
    WEContact - Caim, level 1 fighter|battlemind

    This is the thread for the lower level groups encounters. This is where I will post XP and treasure earned as well as the quests.

    XP earned

    06-MAR-2012 (ALL)
    Encounter XP (part 1) = 4908 / 7 = 701 xp each
    Quest XP (part 1) = 100 XP each
    Time XP (part 1 - 2 months) = 334 XP each, (Lenyara 500 XP)

    29-MAY-2012 (Lenyara, Ilex, Marrgash, Chupacabra, Merri)
    Encounter XP (part 2) = 2650 / 5 = 530 xp each
    Quest XP (part 2) = 300 XP each
    Time XP (part 2 - 3 months) = 627 XP each, (Lenyara 750 XP)

    XP Earned (Includes Time XP)
    Caim - 1135
    Nalkyr -
    Ilex - 2592
    Marrgash -
    Chupacabra - 2592
    Merri - 2592
    Lenyara - 2881

    Awarded 06-MAR-2012/29-MAY-2012
    1 tigerclaw scout, level 4 skirmisher (175 * 2 = 350)
    2 tigerclaw braves, level 3 soldier (150 * 2 * 2 = 600)
    8 tigerclaw hordelings, level 3 minion skirmisher (38 * 8 * 2 = 608)
    1 voice in the darkness, level 1 elite controller (200 * 2 = 400)
    1 dryad recluse, level 5 lurker (200 * 2 = 400)
    2 twig blight swarms, level 5 brute (200 * 2 * 2 = 800)
    1 bloodthorn vine, level 2 soldier (125 * 2 = 250)
    1 icicle swarm, level 6 skirmisher (250 * 2 = 500)
    1 yeti rampager, level 5 skirmisher (200 * 2 = 400)
    1 white dragon wyrmiling, level 1 elite brute (200 * 2 = 400)
    4 dust devil sprites, level 1 minion skirmisher (25 * 4 * 2 = 200)
    4 perytons, level 4 skirmishers (175 * 4 * 2 = 1400)

    Ritual: Restore the Summer village (Level 2 Complexity 5 Skill challenge)
    (625 * 2 = 1250)

    Minor Quests:
    Heart of Wood (25 * 2 = 50)
    Heart of Ice (25 * 2 = 50)
    Heart of Earth(25 * 2 = 50)

    Major Quest: Return the missing shipments (125 * 2 = 250)

    treasure earned

    Time Gold (part 1):
    252 gp each (Lenyara 508 gp)

    Time Gold (part 2): 534 gp each (Lenyara 762 gp)

    2 potion of healing (used 1)
    2 potions of cure light wounds
    2 alchemist's fire
    2 tanglefoot bags
    1 potion of clarity (level 5)
    1 potion of cure light wounds
    1 elemental accelerant

    800 sp (part 1)
    480 gp (part 1)

    620 gp (part 2)

    GP Earned (Includes Time GP)
    Caim - 332 gp
    Nalkyr - 332 gp

    Ilex - 990 gp
    Marrgash -
    990 gp
    Chupacabra - 990 gp
    Merri - 990 gp
    Lenyara - 1474 gp

    Rhythm Blade Short Sword +1 (Nalkyr)

    Feyswarm Staff +1 (Ilex)
    Familiar's Baldric (Ilex)

    Staff of Sleep and Charm +1 (Marrgash)
    Healer's Brooch +1 (Marrgash)

    Boots of Adept Charging (Lenyara)
    Sylvan Hide Armor +1 (Lenyara)

    Amulet of Physical Resolve +2 (Chupacabra)

    Onyx Dog (Merri)
    Brooch of Shielding +1 (Merri)

    Quest Rewards

    What You've Always Wanted
    You have been invited to the solstice celebration that you helped save. At the celebration you are presented with a gift that happens to be just what you've always wanted. You may immediately acquire one wondrous item (except tattoo) of level 6 or lower, alternately the gift may be up to 900 gp worth of rituals, alchemical formulas and/or components, 600 gp of consumable items, or a mundane but intricate toy that can be sold for 450 gp.

    Favor of the Toymaker
    Valkin is eternally grateful for your help. As such he is always willing to assist you by doing what he does best. From now on, whenever you are in Daunton (between adventures or during adventures with DM permission), you can purchase non-rare heroic tier wondrous items (except tattoos) and non-rare heroic tier consumable items at a 10% discount.

    GM: Major Quest - Complete!

    You need to return the shipments of supplies from Solstice to Daunton in time for the festival. In order to accomplish this task by the deadline, you'll be able to take no more than one extended rest during the adventure, so use your resources carefully.

    GM: Minor Quest - Complete!
    Retrieve the Heart of Earth.

    GM: Minor Quest - Complete!
    Retrieve the Heart of Ice.

    GM: Minor Quest - Complete!
    Retrieve the Heart of Wood.


    Rules and Notes

    All monsters will go on the same initiative count so that I can take their turn in one post and not hold up the game.

    The players may post their actions in any order and those actions will be resolved in the order posted.

    If an ally creates an effect that last until end of the next turn, please be sure that it only affects you once, no matter what order you act in.

    Out of turn actions must be used before I post the next set of enemy actions. If you want to post a contingency to use an out of turn action, do so, I will try my best to remember them, but you may need to remind me.

    Your combat maps and status will be here. Please fill in any extra information you think would be helpful and make sure the info I filled in is correct.

    Have fun!


    Please check in to this thread by posting a link to your character sheet and your treasure wishlist.
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    PC:Ilex Cassine - L4W Wiki

    Wish List
    Feyswarm Staff
    Shimmering Armor
    Amulet of Seduction
    Familiar's Baldric

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    Caim - Female Half-Elf Fighter|Battlemind 1
    Initiative: +1, Passive perception: 10, Passive Insight: 17
    AC:19 Fort:15 Ref:13 Will:15 PP:2
    HP: 33/33 Bloodied: 16 Surge value: 8 Surges/day: 13
    Speed: 5 squares, AP: 1, Second Wind: unused, Temporary HP: 0
    Melee Basic Attack: +5 vs AC, 1d6+2 (Only use after Eldritch Strike and all PP are expended)
    Powers: Brash Strike, Twisted Eye, Battlemind's Demand, Blurred Step, Guardian's Counter, Eldritch Strike, Steel Unity Strike

    Out-of-Turn Action Conditions
    Caim will always use Blurred Step if doing so does not distance her from an enemy which she considers significantly higher priority than the enemy triggering Blurred Step.

    Caim will use Guardian's Counter at the first opportunity.

    If Caim's Combat Challenge is triggered by a melee attack from a credible threat, she will use Eldritch Strike as her Melee Basic Attack, and on a hit she will slide the attacker away from the target to invalidate the triggering attack.

    If Caim can make a Melee Basic Attack outside of her turn against a credible threat (if her Combat Challenge is triggered by a shift, for example) and she has Power Points remaining, she will spend 1 to augment Twisted Eye to use in place of her MBA. If she has no Power Points remaining, she will use Eldritch Strike. Note that Blurred Step and Combat Challenge may both activate at the same trigger.

    Enemies are not credible threats if I am aware that their ability to move and act freely is far less harmful to the party than is that of other monsters on the board. Caim would not use Eldritch Strike on a Minion when she also has a Skirmisher marked, for example.

    Wishlist, in order of priority:
    +1 Fey Strike Singing Stick
    +1 Dwarven Scale Armor
    +1 Amulet of Protection
    Fighting Shield
    Net value: 1920 gp
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    Marrgash Samanga - Male Dragonborn Bard 1
    Initiative: +0, Passive perception: 16, Passive Insight: 12
    AC:17 Fort:12 Ref:13 Will:16
    HP: 27/27 Bloodied: 13 Surge value: 8 Surges/day: 9
    Speed: 5 squares, AP: 1, Second Wind: unused, Temporary HP: 0
    Melee Basic Attack: +

    Powers: Vicious Mockery, Staggering Note
    Majestic Word (x2), Words of Friendship, Dragon Breath, Shout of Triumph
    Stirring Shout


    Staff of Sleep and Charm +1
    Whiteflame Chainmail +1
    Healer's Brooch +1
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    El Chupacabra (or the Horrible Creature in the bird cage) - Pixie monk 1
    Initiative: +5, Passive perception: 15, Passive Insight: 10
    AC:20 Fort:14 Ref:16 Will:12
    HP: 28/28 THP: 0 Bloodied: 14 Surge value: 7 Surges/day: 10/10
    Speed: 4 walking, 6 flying (max altitude 1), AP: 1
    Melee Basic Attack: +3 vs AC, 1d6+1 or 1d8 (unarmed)

    Fallen Needle, Five Storms
    Swift River Floods, Pixie dust, Shadow Wrought weapon, Shrink
    Steel Avalanche


    Amulet of physical resolve (level 2), Robe of avoidance (level 3), Syberis shard of the mage (level 3), Boots of stealth (level 3), Gauntlets of blood (level 4)
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    Quote Originally Posted by WEContact View Post
    Between Caim's familiarity with psionics and her sharp intuition, she recognizes the nature of Merri's emotive radiance. Caim looks away from the girl and back to sea, and says mildly, "Can you tone that down a bit, or is your control still unrefined?"
    Merri looks a little surprised. Her eyes get a little bigger and she smiles like she found a long lost friend, "Can you do what I do?"

    Then she expresses a brief, puzzled look, "What do you mean control?"

    Merri's Stats
    Merri - Human Hybrid: Ardent / Vampire 1

    Passive Perception 16, Passive Insight 11

    AC 15, Fort 13, Reflex 14, Will 16

    HP 24/24 Bloodied 12, Surge Value 6, Surges 2/2
    Vulneribility: 5 radiant

    Speed 6, Initiative +3

    Action Points: 1

    Power Points: 2

    At-Will Powers: Energizing Strike, Ire Strike, Taste of Life
    Encounter Powers: Secone Wind, Surefooted Stride, Ardent Surge
    Daily Powers: Lingering Fury

    *Allies within 5 squares get +1 to OA damage rolls and +2 to Diplomacy and Intimidate checks.
    *Target of Ardent Surge gains +1 to attack rolls TENT
    *Merri has regeneration 4 while bloodied.

    wish list

    Iron Body Ki Focus +1
    Shapers Cloth Armor +1
    Brooch of Shielding +1
    Onyx Dog
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    Human Ranger 3 (Scout); Pack outcast (were-lioness)
    Initiative +5/Passive Perception 17/Passive Insight 12; low-light vision
    HP 36 (36)/Bloodied 18/Surge value 9/Per day= 9 (0 used)
    AC 19/FORT 15/REF 17/WILL 13
    Speed 6/Size medium/Saves normal
    STR 13 (+1)/DEX 19 (+4)/WIS 13 (+1)
    CON 14 (+2)/INT 9 (-1)/CHA 11 (+0)
    Melee basic: +1 Masterĺs blade short sword, +10 (AC), 1d6+5 damage
    Ranged basic: Sling +7 (AC), 1d6+4 damage, range 10/20
    Skills: Acrobatics +9; Athletics +6; Endurance +7; Intimidate +6; Nature +7; Perception +7
    Powers: Body of the lioness (wolf)(at will)
    Dual weapon attack (at will, once per round)
    Fading strike (at will)
    Aspect of the dancing serpent (at will/Stance)
    Aspect of the soaring hawk (at will/Stance)(active- default when not in combat)
    Power strike (Encounter, x2)
    Safe passage (Daily/utility)
    >Action points: 1 left (of 1)
    >Second wind: not used


    >Level 2: +1 Badge of the berserker, Boots of adept charging
    >Level 3: +1 Sylvan hide armor
    >Other: bag of holding (5), improved magic net

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    Eladrin Fighter|Ranger 1; Tempest Technique
    Initiative +3/Passive Perception 10/Passive Insight 10; low-light vision
    HP 25 (25)/Bloodied 12/Surge value 6/Per day= 8 (0 used)
    AC 17/FORT 15/REF 15/WILL 11
    Speed 6/Size medium/Saves +5 vs. charm effects
    STR 18 (+4)/DEX 17 (+3)/WIS 10 (+0)
    CON 12 (+1)/INT 10 (+0)/CHA 10 (+0)
    Melee basic: Feyblade Short Sword, +8 (AC), 1d6+6 damage
    Ranged basic: Dagger +7 (AC), 1d4+4 damage, range 10/20
    Skills: Acrobatics +2, Arcana +2, Athletics +10, Bluff +0, Diplomacy +0, Dungeoneering +0, Endurance -1, Heal +0, History +7, Insight +0, Intimidate +0, Nature +0, Perception +5, Religion +0, Stealth +2, Streetwise +0, Thievery +2
    Powers: Twin Strike (at will)
    Dual Strike (at will)
    Off-hand Strike (Encounter)
    Jaws of the Wolf (Daily)
    >Action points: 1 left (of 1)
    >Second wind: not used


    +1 Short Swords
    Bracers of Mighty Striking
    Cloak of Resistance +1

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    Quote Originally Posted by FourMonos View Post
    Merri looks a little surprised. Her eyes get a little bigger and she smiles like she found a long lost friend, "Can you do what I do?"

    Then she expresses a brief, puzzled look, "What do you mean control?"
    Caim muses a moment before she answers. "Not quite. You influence emotions with your mind, correct me if I'm wrong, but I exert influence over the mind and body of myself and my enemies." She favors Merri with a smile that doesn't reach her eyes, and then she disappears without warning.

    Caim reappears an instant later standing on Merri's left instead of her right( unnoticed because Merri is, just for a split second, still looking in the direction in which Caim was just standing) until she continues to talk, not missing a beat. The whole thing takes less than a second. "I can move short distances faster than the eye can follow, for example. As for control, I mean choosing when and when not to allow yourself to exert influence on others. Right now you're producing warmth and cheer, for example, which I'm sure many find nice but I find is spoiling my drink. If I thought you knew what you were doing I'd consider it rude." Caim takes another swig from her flask without breaking eye contact with the shorter woman.
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    Nalkyr watched Caim's display to Merri with a single arched eyebrow. He leans back against the ship's rail, running a hand through his hair idly.

    "That's a neat twick." he lisped. And, in truth, it was. Nalkyr had little such talents- excepting his inherent eladrin ability. "My people can do that natuw- natuw- naturally."

    His father had taught him at a young age, and Nalkyr always enjoyed the experience. He had worked it into his training in the Tempest Technique. To his thinking, it was - to borrow the human ideom - an 'ace in the hole'.

    "My father called it 'touching the Gween'." he added afterwards, ducking his head back into the depths of his cloak's hood. "I imagine what you do is diffewent. Still neat, though."

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