4E Wizards In Winter - High-Level Thread (DM: Son of Meepo, Judge: TwoHeadsBarking)
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    Wizards In Winter - High-Level Thread (DM: Son of Meepo, Judge: TwoHeadsBarking)

    GM: Wizards in Winter

    Neurotic - Martelai, level 7 warlock
    stonegod - Dox, level 7 executioner
    Darksteed - Kauldron, level 8 paladin
    Rapida - Brenwar, level 8 paladin
    JoeNotCharles - Tarkus, level 5 cleric
    Metavoid - Cyr, level 7 invoker
    Voda Vosa - Earth, level 9 warden

    This is the thread for the higher level groups encounters. This is where I will post XP and treasure earned as well as the quests.

    XP earned
    I will award xp at each extended rest. For now I will just keep track of what has been earned but not awarded.
    Air Elemental, level 10 lurker
    3 Storm Abishai, level 7 artillery
    2 Aboleth Openers, level 7 controller
    1 Ettin Hunter, level 10 artillery
    1 Ettin Wrath Chanter, level 8 elite controller
    2 Ettin Thugs, level 8 brute
    1 Bonfire Hazard, level 7 obstacle

    treasure earned
    Skyrender Javelin +2
    4 Stormglass Shards (level 7)
    2 Tempest Whetstones (level 10)
    Rope of Climbing
    400 gp

    GM: Major Quest

    You need to return the shipments of supplies from Solstice to Daunton in time for the festival. In order to accomplish this task by the deadline, you'll be able to take no more than one extended rest during the adventure, so use your resources carefully.


    Rules and Notes

    All monsters will go on the same initiative count so that I can take their turn in one post and not hold up the game.

    The players may post their actions in any order and those actions will be resolved in the order posted.

    If an ally creates an effect that last until end of the next turn, please be sure that it only affects you once, no matter what order you act in.

    Out of turn actions must be used before I post the next set of enemy actions. If you want to post a contingency to use an out of turn action, do so, I will try my best to remember them, but you may need to remind me.

    Your combat maps and status will be here. Please fill in any extra information you think would be helpful and make sure the info I filled in is correct.

    Have fun!


    Please check in to this thread by posting a link to your character sheet and your treasure wishlist.
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