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    Back home! Hope the message got to you SoM. Is Earth around still?
    Yep, I just healed him in the post before yours. I'm confused about his actual HP, though - can you take a look?


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    As you contemplate the other ship, you see The Ocean Strider circling the island. It has certainly fared much better than the Star of Arcadia.

    Having finished your meal, you are able to slowly walk across the ice to reach the shore. At the edge of your vision you can see a tiny village blanketed in snow. The ground is less covered here, in fact spots of bare rock or earth can be seen peeking up from under the snow. Before you have a chance to venture much farther however, you spot a pair of eyes looking at your from the cover of the foliage. She is a young elfin woman with red hair that sparkles in the sunlight as does her gown, woven from golden threads.

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    Source: Deviant Art

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    Earth remains standing guard as the rest of the crew eats and rests. He does not need those sort of resources to keep going. Standing tall, his feet sink in the lose earth as he intensifies his link with the natural surroundings of this particular island, and tunes his mind with the spirit of the Stone and Magma that dwells underneath the surface. Tarkus' help aids in reinforcing his link, and soon the cracks and unbleeding ruptures in Earth fill with the sand of the beach, that hardens, compacts and becomes solid quartz. The vegetation that covers the warforged grows back on the spots it was destroyed, some of the vine sprouting flowers. Earth seems to pay no attention to that. Why would a mountain worry for the plants that thrive on it?
    The now decorated warforged glides his head to face the elven lass.
    "Identify yourself fleshling." commanded the stone guardian.

    OOC: HP totals in the spreadsheets are correct. Still have to update the wiki resume. Making a nature roll to see if Earth can sense anything from the island's natural spirits.
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    Tarkus quickly steps forward with his hands up and palms out. His severe-looking face crinkles into a hopefully disarming smile. "Hello there!" he calls in a friendly voice, hoping to soften Earth's harsh words. "Can you tell us what village this is?"

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    The nondescript man seems to have vanished during the walk. Perhaps he wandered off.
    OOC: As will be SOP, Dox immediately hides when traveling. He can move full speed and continue to be in Stealth until the round after stopping. He'll reappear off to the side of the main group.
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    "Forgive our friend, he can be a bit of a brick sometimes. We don't mean you any harm." Brenwar speaks kindly to the woman in the hopes of offsetting the angry tone of Earth.

    Assist Tarkus' diplomacy.
    Insight on the woman to get a read on her current state (why is she hiding, fear or otherwise)

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    Cyr hangs back. People were never his strong suit.

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    "We come in peace. Only, the storm made us come in pieces. Now instead of offering of help we need to ask for some. I hope you don't take it against us we polluted your beautiful beach."

    Normally serious warlock tries to lighten the mood somewhat. Not what he's really good at, but still.

    Diplomacy (1d20+9=15)

    OOC: when neurotic comes back, he can change this post to something suitably morose

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    I'm on vacation until the 9th, and won't have my laptop with me. NPC me until then, please.

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    *Kauldron turns and looks to the area that the others are peering in. He grins widely as he continues to puff upon his cigar at the sight of spotting the girl.*

    Ohh-hoo! A fair lass! Since the departure of the other lasses, it is a welcome sight indeed to see such a fine beauty compared to the rest of the dire mugs I'm allotted with.

    *He chuckles lightly.*

    No offense lads. What is your name fair lady?
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