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    Pulitzer Prize winning combat photojournalist Horst Faas died yesterday. He was 79.

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    Comic book artist Tony DeZuniga, who created Jonah Hex and Black Orchid, died today from complications from a stroke. He was 79.

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    Bassist Donald "Duck" Dunn died in Japan at age 70.

    He died in his sleep, having played two shows Saturday night.
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    On May 5, Lightining Medicine Cloud- a rare, non-albino white buffalo sacred to the Lacota tribe- was found slaughtered & skinned, along with his mother. There is a $50k reward for capture of the killer.

    Today, a ceremony was held in his honor.

    Sacred White Buffalo ‘Lightning Medicine Cloud’ Killed And Skinned

    White buffalo bull going to Texas ranch | News24

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    Evelyn Johnson, a pilot in the National Aviation Hall of Fame, died May 10. She was 102.

    Only Ed Long logged more flight hours than Johnson.

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    Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes died yesterday. He was 83.

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    Scottish artist George Wyllie dies aged 90

    Glasgow-born sculptor George Wyllie has died at the age of 90 following a short illness.

    He was best known for his giant public works including The Paper Boat and The Straw Locomotive.

    In Remembrance

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