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    Barry Unsworth obituary

    Barry Unsworth, who has died of lung cancer aged 81, was a writer in the tradition of William Golding and Joseph Conrad. Pre-eminent among novelists of empires in decay, his range spanned the Ottoman, the Venetian and the British hegemony, and the middle ages to the present day. His novel Sacred Hunger, about the 18th-century slave trade, was the joint winner of the Booker prize in 1992 and, in the opinion of many, should have won it outright.

    In Remembrance
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderfoot View Post
    Yep, it was even stated that Jethro's Mom and sister (Jethrina) lived in Petticoat Junction, up the road from Possum Holler.
    Aw man, I'd managed to suppress the thought of Jethrina for more than 30 years!

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    Yvette Wilson of Moesha died yesterday from cervical cancer. She was 48.

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    Eric Jansing, 40, known on EN World as Shade, passed away on June 13. He was the leader of the EN World Creature Catalog for the last several years, and a separate thread is open in the CC forum.

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    Rodney King, whose beating by LA police triggered riots and discussions about race and police brutality, drowned in his swimming pool. He was 47.

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    Victor Spinetti, an acclaimed comic actor who appeared in several films with the Beatles, died today. He was 82.

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    Actress Susan Tyrrell, who often played crazies or grotesques, died Sunday. She was 67.

    Tyrrell was nominated for an Oscar for Fat City. She was also in Forbidden Zone and Cry-Baby.

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