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    Don't worry, I have reserves.

    Here to report the not so tragic death of Nicholas Aetherwulf I (Barbarian 4). After agreeing to rid a mansion of it's ghosts, he stumbled upon a dagger, he then got a nat 1 on a will save and coup de grace'd himself, getting a nat 1 on his fort save and dying. Nicholas being an important part of his village, of which the chief is a lvl 20 sorcerer, had several clones of himself made however, and Nicholas Aetherwulf II walked into the room, took Nicholas' things, and had everyone roll a disbelief check on his death. Everyone got nat 20, thus life continues, no one knowing the true fate of Nicholas Aetherwulf I.
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    A one-shot solo adventure ended in death today, so here I am to report it.

    Yuuko of the Shining Fang, Kitsune Fighter 1

    Yuuko died rather unceremoniously in a sewer from a coup-de-grace after being smacked over the head with a club by one member of a trio of bandits she'd been hunting down.

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    Alanna Twilight, L12 Drow Hexblade, grabbed and impaled by a cadaver collector. And cadaver she became.

    However, the party also having a L12 Warpriest, with a daily raise dead power, meant Alanna did not depart this life for longer than the next long rest.

    Cheers, Al'Kelhar

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    Well, my entire party died last night in the finale of the D&D Encounters season, the second TPK inflicted on us by the program. We were going up against a group of Drow and mercenaries carrying the Abyssal Plague to the town we were in.

    The fight went well for the first few rounds, but the spider's poison and the lack of a dedicated healer slowed us down quickly. Quinn, my Avenger of Avandra, used a very hefty strike with his falchion to hurt the Drow leader early on, but she was able to heal herself and play dead a couple of times to great effect.

    I fell in the battle a bit later, but managed to roll a 20 on my final death save and tried my best to take out the leader. I was bitten by a spider again and once again poisoned, but I took a fateful swing at the priestess and missed. Poison running through his veins, he knew he was dead... They attacked and missed, leading to the Avenger to say a few last words before succumbing to the poison: "This just means that I can go and kill your ***** goddess personally..."

    The Deva, who was the last player standing, fell soon afterword, and I rolled a six on my final death save. I still had Heroic Effort, but I decided not to delay the inevitable.

    RIP our party, who travelled into a temple of Thazidun and decimated the cult within only to die while on vacation...

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    Beware PFS (2-21 The Dalsine Affair) spoilers...

    Earlier this week, I was finishing up a session of The Dalsine Affair that I had had to cut short for our L5R session. The group was tearing through the adventure, rescuing clerics, killing spiders, etc. They had a touch of a scare when the faceless stalker rogue landed a big hit on the party's wizard, but even then there was minimal real fear of death.

    A role-playing, skill use encounter ensued. Guards form two rival factions were incited against one another, party members (with the exception of the group's sorcerer) bypassed them; the sorcerer stayed behind to assist one faction against the other.

    The rest of the party stumbled upon Chalfon Dalsine, a magus and all-around @$$hole. He viciously attacked the party's NPC cleric, killing her in two rounds despite the fact that she took time to heal herself. Then he split his attacks between the party's wizard and zen archer. With no efficient healing available to them, the zen archer (a poor chap named Mosh) was quickly dispatched.

    The sorcerer finally showed up and aided the wizard in dispatching Dalsine. Unfortunately, Kyra and Mosh lay dead. As an NPC, we let Kyra stay dead. Mosh, as an Osirian, actually had enough prestige to have himself raised, becoming, in the process, a member of the Risen Guard.

    All in all, brutal final encounter.

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    Speaking of L5R, Tagashi Kusei, a Tattooed Monk of the Dragon Clan, was killed in a skirmish with Shadowlands goblins and what seemed an ogre-ish sort of oni.

    Another monk was pummeled into a coma; and Suzume Enko, my Sparrow Clan samurai, was left with a gimpy arm.

    Our Tsuruchi archer and Shosuro actor largely stayed clear of danger, making excellent use of their bows.

    Tagashi Kusei's player had this to say, "these sure aren't Pathfinder goblins; I can tell you that."

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    Melissa Moonmaiden R.I.P.

    My character, our party's healer (favoured soul 6) died in an encounter last wednesday.

    A Chuul paralyzed her and dropped her in the water. The party killed the Chuul, but couldn't get her safe and she was mauled to death by 2 other Chuuls who just joined the fray.

    They had to leave her to be able to escape themselves. It was either that or a big chance at TPK.

    (fun addendum: I was running the encounter myself, it was the first session of me DMing a sidequest in a campaign run by a friend. So I basically killed my own character).

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    Up to about ten PCs dead in my current game.

    Favorite cause of death:

    Player in heavy armor, with no ranks in swim, with no waterbreathing spell, decides to dive into a 20' deep pool and then follow a narrow underwater tunnel to Gygax knows where. Obviously, he drowned.

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    LOL Was the player sober?
    My Story Hour campaigns. What are they up to this week?

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    He was indeed. The whole party decided to just drop down in there. Only one character could swim, and when they realized it was a trap (and that there was a current pushing them farther in), it was pretty much too late.

    I just shrugged and played it out.

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