PF Amethyst - Renaissance (Pathfinder) UPDATE
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    Amethyst - Renaissance (Pathfinder) UPDATE

    It's a new year and DEM is still here.

    My posts have been infrequent, I admit, but that's because of workload.

    n December 31st, I finished the first draft, all 242,758 words of it. To put things into perspective, the previous Amethyst Foundations was 199,000 words, and that's not counting story segments.

    Here is what people should expect with the final release:
    --10 playable races (chaparran, damaskan, gimfen, human, kodiak, laudenian, narros, pagus, tenenbri, and tilen) not including half-fae.
    --13 organizations to choose from, which offer minor improvements to the entire group.
    --44 (that's right, 44) lifepaths which can greatly affect both your race and your class.
    --8 new classes, all science-fiction-based.
    --3 new skills (Demolitions, Engineer, and Vehicle Operation)
    --Over 200 new feats. These include feats for races, lifepaths, and classes.
    --16 new fantasy melee weapons.
    --165 different firearms across all enhancement levels (ok, I admit, some are similar weapons at different enhancement bonuses, but that's still a lot).
    --25 new science-fiction melee weapons.
    --You can now use injections to impede enemies.
    --Players are able to now replace ammunition with high explosive, hollow point, or rubber.
    --Characters can throw grenades and set explosives and mines.
    --33 new types of armor including Medium and LARGE powered armor.
    --A FIRST for Amethyst, now players can modify their powered armor, including adding hit points, a flight pack, or an invisibility net.
    --Players can gain benefits from injected drugs, viral injections, and even nanomachines.
    --14 ground vehicles and 7 aircraft (and you can modify them as well).
    --14 fantasy prestige classes and 15 science fiction prestige classes.
    --New magic including artifacts.
    --24 new monsters including 3 new dragons.
    --An 11,000 word module to start people on their adventure.

    All in all, not a bad little book, if I don't say so myself. I am still not prepared to publish it; have to make sure all my words are right and the rules are balanced. I'll keep you all updated.

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    This makes me so, so happy.

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    Sounds good, looking forward to the finished product.

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    This product looks to have a great deal of use for me besides just playing in the Amethyst setting. Space Opera stuff, Dragonstar, old d20 Modern stuff. I am drooling over it already.

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    Well, as stated in another thread, we ARE still looking for playtesters.

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    A familiar question...

    Will you have Hero Lab support?

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    We don't have plans to do it ourselves but won't stop someone else from doing it.

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    We're back on track for Amethyst Renaissance. A preview...

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    Will this be in print or just PDF?

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