Gamerstable Podcast Year Two

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    Gamerstable Podcast Year Two

    Just letting everyone know that we have just started Gamerstable Year-Two.

    Thirty-eight consecutive weekly episodes and several bonus content episodes (including a five episode actual play Victoriana story click here if you want to listen to it.) in and we are still going strong. We release our weekly episodes on Tuesdays, but our bonus content can come out at any time.

    If you are not familiar with us, we are a roundtable podcast discussing table-top roleplaying games, wargames, movies, books, television and various other topics of gamer culture.

    We discuss our own perspective on the state of games, and other topics. We have a tendency to disagree with each other on various points and debate them (sometimes at length). In general , our topics are table-top RPG themed. We donít always stay on topic and tally up our tangents on the site for each episode.

    Something new that we are doing is posting the topic to be recorded that week ahead of time and incorporating listener ideas and comments into each show. Those will be posted on our Facebook page and our forum.

    Please take some time and click here to check out the latest episode, Maps. If you like it, please subscribe. If you donít, please tell us that too. Our goal is to make the most entertaining show we can and criticisms are vital to that.


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    Episode 39 - Victoriana Review

    Victoriana is a Victorian era RPG produced by Cubicle 7. Our first experience with the game was at GenCon 2010 and then again at GenCon 2011. Based on that, we decided to have a quick taste of the game (we also recorded our sessions ).

    In this episode we talk about that experience and our take on the newest game in our repertoire.

    Click here to listen.

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    Episode 40 - New Edition

    Here we go again.

    Wizards of the Coast has announced that a 5th edition of D&D is upcoming. Many of us saw the writing on the wall. To some it is a let-down, and others it is about time.

    In this episode we tell you where we stand, along with our hopes and expectations.

    Click here to listen.

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    Episode 41 - Themed Campains and Characters

    If you have been gaming for a while, the concept of themed campaigns should not be a new one. Setting parameters for character creation and a focused direction for a campaign can be very rewarding.

    In this episode we discuss the themes we have used and plan on using in the future.

    Click here to listen.

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    Episode 42 - What has gaming done?

    We posed the question to our listeners and then to ourselves. What has gaming done for you? What is it about gaming that keeps us doing it every week?

    (Please listen at the end for the thanks to all the friends and listeners who contributed to the topic)

    Click here to listen.

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    Just a bump to share the love.

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    Episode 43 - Absent Gamers

    Anyone who has gamed has had to deal with the gamer who is not there. Be it a family obligation, work, a booty call or even to go to the bathroom, sometimes players will not be able to make it to or have to leave the game.

    This is how we handle that very common situation (and in a mostly immature fashion).

    Click here to listen.

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    Episode 44 - Books

    Back in episode 8 (InspirationÖ aka 4 Loko) we touched on a few books or series that we love, but we really didnít give the medium a fair shake, so weíve devoted an entire episode to them.

    This is an episode loaded with recommendations. Please see the bottom of the show notes for a list (and links) of all authors mentioned.

    Click here to listen.

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    Episode 45 – Guilty Pleasures

    We all have them (though most loathe to admit it). What activities or interests do you have that others may find silly or bizarre?

    In this episode we address this, in our own way.

    Please click here to listen.

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