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    Well from this article, I'm fairly convinced a 5th edition will not be announced soon. It just seems like too big of a risk. They need to get the VTT up and running and then start marketing D&D to large chains such as Walmart , Target ... etc etc. Splitting the fan base once more with a 5th edition seems like certain suicide expecially only 4 years after launch of 4th edition. They also need to start reselling PDFs or whatever, taking them down did NOT slow piracy, people just scan the books now anyway. It doesnt really matter. Eh.. just my 2 cents.

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    The more I read, the more I'm glad WotC's 4e business plan didn't work.

    I've seen it again and again in many different fields. Any time some unconnected higher authority says "you must make X dollars in Y amount of time" (or "you must sell X amount of product", "you must arrest X amount of people", "you must see X number of patients", or anything else that leads to money) poor quality work is produced and failure follows. Moreover, the original goal (making a lot of money) isn't achieved because of that failure. This just doesn't work.

    What works is "I'll put out quality work, conduct business in a rational, efficient manner, and live a happy and full life". People pay for quality, and they like their business to be done the right way. Especially in the entertainment industry.

    Excuse me, I think I have a star in my eye.

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    By what Ryan is saying it seems more difficult to see a 5e happen. If it does happen, it would rather mean that 4e's failure was not such a dramatic one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xechnao View Post
    By what Ryan is saying it seems more difficult to see a 5e happen. If it does happen, it would rather mean that 4e's failure was not such a dramatic one.
    But then what is the point of hiring back Monte Cook and all the polls in his articles? If not for 5th edition, are we looking at some kind of repacking of 4e/Essentials into one (not confusing and divisive) line? Or maybe a revision of the GSL to allow more 3rd party involvement in 4e, which could revitalize the line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xechnao View Post
    By what Ryan is saying it seems more difficult to see a 5e happen. If it does happen, it would rather mean that 4e's failure was not such a dramatic one.
    Consider together two separate comments:
    (1) The thing that Ryan said about WotC's having to pitch a potential 4E to Hasbro in 2006 in order to even get a chance to create 4E; and
    (2) The thing that Mike Mearls said about the immense workload and headcount that would be required to create another new edition.

    If we combine those two comments together, we get something like this:
    Quote Originally Posted by (myself, right now)
    "Not a snowball's chance in H-E-double-toothpicks of a 5E anytime soon."

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    I am not so sure...

    It seems like the philosophy has changed a bit since 2006... Totally different times nowadays... With pathfinder beeing such a success, and tools for 4e getting finished, if they are doing it intelligently enough, maybe a 5th edition is not that far out of sight.
    Thing is:
    with D&D insider, you could easily make all editions available and receive revenue for it. The market is big enough. If you donīt rely on book sales and offer enough, people happlily pay for the subscription.
    If they would just make 3rd edition material available through DDI, they may even get some Pathfinder people back.
    Maybe I am naive, but a more open approach once proved VERY successful... It should be possible to reproduce the success...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonblade View Post
    -Create an MMO and/or console games - I STILL play D&D Heroes and Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance. And I would pay big money for a 4e based FF Tactics style game that let me use my 4e PCs. Especially, if it was co-op and could also act as a surrogate VTT by turning off some of the AI, and letting a DM build encounters, set terrain and monsters.
    Easy problem first - Hasbro does not own the rights to make any D&D games, regardless of edition; AFAIK they still belong to Atari. They were sold off (via Hasbro Interactive) around the time Neverwinter Nights was made. So any further issues are a moot point - Hasbro can not make a D&D game.

    However, assuming Hasbro could reacquire the rights, a D&D video game would still face several challenges. Video game development costs money, and that expenditure is counted against income. So, for a game to move forward, the risk of the game failing would have to be relatively small, especially if the D&D brand is in such dire straits. MMOs in the current game climate are quite risky to finance, and a D&D MMO already failed once. So the likelihood of Hasbro giving the okay to one is next to none.

    Similarly, the market for RPGs these days does not really have a cost-benefit ratio that would allow for Hasbro to develop another Baldur's Gate. To head off the obvious comparison, Skyrim did have a phenomenal release. However, Skyrim also had several points in its favor that a new RPG would not have, not the least of which is Bethesda's wealth of development time and talent, as well as their stability as a company.

    Now, that's not to say nothing could be done, but I think an MMO is too risky and a traditional RPG just won't pull the profit needed. However, it's possible that something along the lines of Magic Online could work with a little tweaking. A micro-transaction model where you buy modules to play with people online might work. It's risky, but WotC has direct experience via Magic: Online.

    -And here is the big one: partner with Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon and make an Avatar TLA style kids show set in Eberron or the Realms. Lots of exploration of lost ruins, action, derring-do, and cool colorful characters and modern high quality animation ala Young Justice, or Avatar. Give a deep story so it can appeal to adults too. This could do huge things for the brand.
    You mean like what was announced at DDXP 2008 and subsequently never materialized? There's a reason it never did - historically, non-book D&D media just doesn't do well enough to justify the cost. Again, it's not impossible, but try convincing investors to put forth a bunch of money on a brand that hasn't done well outside of its niche.

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    Hasbro reacquired digital rights from Atari in August of last year.

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    I am not sure what all this means for WotC and a 5th Edition game. I could see a push to keep 4E as is and Hasbro decide to reevaluate it. Or I could see a company like Hasbro wanting to give a name brand a chance to become a major brand in their company.

    One thing that I am certain of is that our hobby will continue -- regardless of what goes on at any single company.

    Morrus, thanks for compiling some of Ryan Dancey's remarks. It is fascinating.

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    This actually gives me a little more hope, honestly.

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