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    Dear Gaming Tonic,

    The journalist from Forbes who joined your early 5th ed game is David M. Ewalt. Notice the distinct lack of a D at the beginning of his last name. He writes the awesome Metagamer blog at

    Carry on.

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    Thousands upon thousand of people missed that. Thanks. David was a great guy and was kind enough to give a stranger who never stopped talking role-playing a lift to the airport. He is a great writer as well. He is an awesome blogger and I have really enjoyed reading his stuff since I was introduced to it.

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    D&DI Defended The Walls!

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    Code Name "Inigo Montoya"
    Subtitle: You killed my 4E, prepare to die!

    I actually like new editions. I'm also glad to see Monte back... although as others stated, it wasn't much of a surprise to anyone.

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    The fact that his twitter handle is @dewalt doesn't make it any easier. Yeah, I'm a big fan of David's, and I look forward to reading more of your coverage as DnD 5E/orwhateverweendupcallingit unfolds. Take care.

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    I'm of a couple minds about this announcement. First off, even though they say their goal is to create an edition that can include players from any previous edition, I fear that the community will be fractured even further than it was with 4e's release. I'm also a bit concerned about the remaining time of 4e, as supplements and other books are going to suffer in the wake of this announcement. Not only that, but 4e does have a great tool in the online character builder and I'd hate to see that go away.

    I truly hope they do something for third parties similar to what happened when 3e came out. The ease with which companies could obtain a license and create material for 3e caused the hobby to explode, and brought us great companies like Goodman Games, Green Ronin, Necromancer, Malhavoc, and others. 4e didn't have that support due to the stand on licensing that Wizards took, and I think that hurt the game.

    Of course, I'm excited about the announcement at the same time, and have already signed up to playtest. If they are able to achieve everything they are saying they want to do, this version of the game could be extremely successful. But, there's always a danger in trying to be all things to all people. And, to be honest, anything that Monte works on or has his name on, becomes canon at my gaming table, so to have him involved in this project pretty much guarantees that I'll be investing when it is released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssampier View Post
    * Bring back some sacred cows and history. Magic Missile needs to hit automatically. And the default world should be Greyhawk or someone other identifiable world. Forgotten Realms, uhhh, it got so broke during 4.0. What can fix it?

    3.5 is not perfect, it can be complex and physically unwieldy. A unholy combination of 3.5 and 4.0 could be nice.
    Magic Missile does hit without a roll in 4e, from errata about 6 months ago.

    I agree about Greyhawk. I suspect there's some legal limitation keeping them from using Greyhawk. Otherwise one would think they would have it for 4e.

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    C'mon August?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thegrognard View Post
    I just heard 4E die . ......

    ...and the crowd cheered!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Therise View Post
    And suddenly, 4E became much cheaper as the masses cart their books down to used bookstores.

    How about mass burnings?

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    Any word on potential digital strategies, other than emphasis on face to face?

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