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Poll: How do you feel about the future of D&D after the recent announcements?

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    Negative. I think trying combine the best elements of every edition will result a mish-mash that doesn't please anyone. It would be better to focus on certain types of players in order to create a consistent game. But trying to create a game that combines everything of 40 years of D&D is very bad idea.

    It's a marketing gimmick, but it's a bad one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry View Post
    "5Mind"? Awesome. First I've hear it. Beats "3etard" and "4ron."
    Thank you. It came to me yesterday and I've been waiting for the right moment to use it. I'd love it if it caught on.

    Edit: And it is certainly not intended to be denigrating.
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    Cautiously positive. The team seems to be solid (No sign of [Edited out; we have rules about insulting other EN World members, even if they do happen to be game designers. Feel free to comment on someone's work, but please do not insult people directly - Morrus]) and they are actually letting people who play D&D test this one and being more open to the community.

    Still I'm dubious about the all things to all people shtick.

    Time will tell.
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    Even as an OSR publisher, I am earnestly rooting for this one. Can't pinpoint my feelings here, but I'm just behind this more than I thought I would be.

    D&D is the game I grew up with. Took a few weird twists and turns along the way, but I feel somewhat obligated to at least hope they nail it.

    We all love Paizo and the OSR, but we probably love them for creating and supporting a certain style of "D&D".

    So, I'll get behind WotC this time, at least for now. A revitalization of D&D and some solidarity is good for all of us, gamers and publishers alike.
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    Honestly, right now, I'm neutral at best. I guess it's mostly fatigue on my part. People have been raising the battle cry for the next edition since day 1 of 4e and I'm just so bloody tired of the whole thing.
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    Cautiously optimistic. Very negative towards the upcoming edition war.
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    I voted positive. My view of D&D's future has been negative ever since 4e debuted and it became clear how different and narrowly designed it was. So anything that pulls back from that vision to be more inclusive of other play styles common in the D&D experience is going to be in a positive direction, in my opinion.
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    We have just settled into a nice groove where people were playing what they liked. There are groups playing 4E. There are groups playing Pathfinder. There are some people even playing BOTH.

    Now not only will WOTC be releasing a new edition, they will also still be supporting 4E via the DDI and with this "Edition for all players of D&D" thing that they're trying to do are definitely going to be trying to get those who migrated to Pathfinder back in the fold.

    I like having a pool of players for my game of choice and almost left the hobby back in 2008 because the pool of 3.5 players dried up because of the newness of 4E. I really dont want to deal with that crap again. It wont matter if the game is actually any good or not people will flock to it because it's new.
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    I really only have one suggestion for WotC regarding 5e:
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    I voted neutral.

    I have been cheerfully and contentedly playing 3.5E for the past two years, and I'm not shopping for something new. I quickly lost interest in WotC when they stopped selling material for the system I like to play, and until they do (even selling PDFs of out-of-print books would be enough for me), they don't really have anything to offer me. I'll tinker with Pathfinder every now and then, or run the occasional BECM sandbox game, but I'm a solid fan of 3.5E and I don't really see any reason to change.

    But I wish them well in their endeavors, and I hope this new edition is successful and that their business thrives. And I am very interested in this new edition that they are developing, but I'm purely a spectator. (Whenever rumors of a new edition are circulating, it's like everybody's creative juices start flowing.) I hope 5E is a smash-hit...I just won't be buying it.
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