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    Fun Tech Speculation

    A while ago, i speculated that Sifteo technology might be useful for RPG/genre gaming. It's still a bit pricey, but it's slooooowly getting cheaper. If they actually try venturing into The TTRPG'S market, they'd clearly have to get much cheaper...but they would provide a combination of tiles/battle maps with electronic minis. Or perhaps they could take their tech and simulate it with an app for the tablets people are already buying...

    Some time ago, another technology with similar interfactive controls caught my eye- the relatively new electronic instrument known as the ReacTable- and it's not only getting cheaper, they made an app version of it!


    [ame=]ReacTj ReacTable Trance live performance @ submixpro studio Torino 02 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Reactable mobile for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - YouTube[/ame]

    Besides the obvious fun the instrument or app could be, I think that, like the Sifteo, it opens a window into what the future of TTRPG's could look like.

    Perhaps a "GameTable" with an analogous interface could be loaded with all the stuff you need to runs game, with the cubes & tiles containing character data. Heck, It could even be accessed remotely via the Internet & appropriate programs/apps so that your buddy who is out of town at a convention wouldn't miss game night...

    And like the ReacTable, some of those tiles or cubes could store wav files (or the like) so that NPCs talk, swords clang, dragons roar and spells swoosh...

    All while providing the DM's personally chosen, appropriate soundtrack to the evening's fun.

    In surround sound stereo.

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