What name would you like the next iteration of D&D to bear?

Poll: What name would you like to see on the cover of the new edition?

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    What name would you like the next iteration of D&D to bear?

    Last week, we held a poll asking you about your feelings regarding the future of D&D following the recent announcements about the upcoming new edition. Over 1500 of you voted, with the result that 57% of you feel positive, 30% feel neutral, and 12% feel negative (numbers rounded to the nearest percentage). The numbers didn't change more than a couple of percent from when only 100 of you had voted up until when the count reached 1500.

    This week's poll deals with the name of the upcoming iteration of D&D. What name would you like to see on the cover of the new edition?

    Mike Mearls says "I think that the actual naming of the game will come down to how the play-tests go and how people react to it. I’d love to just call it Dungeons & Dragons and leave the edition numbering behind." How about you?

    Feel free to elaborate in the thread, or to suggest alternative names.

    If you're viewing this on the news page, you'll see the poll to your right. If you're viewing the thread, you'll see it at the top of the thread. If you're viewing this on one of our mobile apps, you'll need to click through and view it in your mobile device's web browser. If you're viewing it in the newsletter, you'll need to visit the site, also. If you're viewing it some other weird way that I've not thought of, then I have no frikkin' idea - just visit the EN World home page.

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    Just Dungeons & Dragons. They're trying to tie us all together, why qualify it more than that?

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    Two candidates I think you missed:

    Dungeons and Dragons: Owlbears Owlbears Owlbears Owlbears Owlbears.

    Fungeons and Flagons.

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    My first preference would be just "Dungeons & Dragons".

    However, if they have to have any qualifier, then it has to be "Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition".

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    If they select "Dungeons & Dragons" then it is going to be called 5th ed anyway, just to distinguish it from others.

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    Dungeons and Dragons is, to my mind, the only real option if they want to achieve their stated goal of unifying the player base again. I agree it will likely still be called D&D 5th Edition to differentiate it from prior editions. But to set the right tone I think they need to just call it "Dungeons and Dragons".

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    I want them to call it "Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition" for two reasons. The first is to distinguish it from Fourth Edition (which was, on its product logos, simply "Dungeons & Dragons").

    Secondly, I think that calling it the Fifth Edition is a nice way to passively acknowledge the editions that have come before, which I think is a good way to recognize the game's history. What better way to help usher in a feeling of inclusiveness?
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    Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

    Because unless this is going to be the absolute last edition of D&D that WOTC releases, then what do you call the edition that follows this new one?

    D&D 2nd edition is already taken.

    Keep with the existing format.

    As if calling it simply Dungeons and Dragons means we will all get together and start singing Kumbaya. Pffft.

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    No matter what WotC calls it, players are actually going to call it D&D Fifth Edition. They tried the D&D (no qualifier) thing with both 3e and 4e. It didn't stick.
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    I also like Dungeons & Dragons, but that wouldn't work in practice. We'd call it something. They might want to control what it is called. If it has no qualifier, I expect it will eventually be known as 5e. I don't think they want that.

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