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    Plastickrack - Pathfinder Miniatures Edition

    Hello community (hope this is in the right forum)

    Here is my review of the new Pathfinder Battles case.... in a word,


    A little history... I have the entire set of DnD miniatures. I was addicted. I would buy 3 cases at a go... fill the set when I was a miniature (or 5) from completion, just so that I would have a complete set. You know, gotta have them all! Now I have wonderful battles for my bi-weekly game groups with little minis all over the map. Need 30 zombies? No problem. Need some odd thing out of the MM4, I have it (if they made it).

    I was sad when they discontinued the line. So much so, that when Paizo, whose company I admire, announced their version of collectible miniatures, I pre-ordered immediately. I waited anxiously for the December release, then the January release, and drooled at the unpainted model of the Huge Black Dragon that would soon terrorize my swamp nearby the PC's home town...

    The case came today, and I opened it up. 4 bricks wrapped in plastic... (no dragon). I opened a brick..... 16 little boxes and three medium boxes were inside... I pulled one of my "boosters" and see that it has on the label, one miniature. The box is so small... I put the tiny box back in the brick and pulled another... one minature...

    What did I pay for this? Checking the website again... I see that I paid a pre-order price of $200 + shipping... for 76 miniatures... That's $2.80+ cents per mini.

    I checked the site again... yes, it says one mini per booster, or two small. And one large figure per big box... (still no dragon).

    At best, I payed $90 a case for the DnD equivalent cases, with 96 miniatures in it... and then the same when they dropped down to 5 per box... but even then, it was half as much as the Pathfinder set.

    I've yet to open a single box. I think they are going back. I want to open them... yet, then again, I have SO MANY of the others... I invested so much in the others...

    Has anyone else gotten these yet? Are they worth opening? If I open them, I will post pics... but I am just not sure it is worth it.


    UPDATE: Dragon is now being shipped... Still have not opened the boxes.
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