Audio-visual Media to the rescue of the property developers

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    Audio-visual Media to the rescue of the property developers

    The most potential and effective information media for promoting low-cost housing is through the audio-visual media. Especially for promoting housing through self-help groups among people who are not literate, the audio-visual media has a major role to play. Even in these modern times, people living in the remote parts of the state do have access to a radio because offering television connection in such areas is a costly proposition for the government owned Doordarshan and also for the cable TV operators.

    To develop Properties Kerala government has come forward with many schemes for the various sections of the population. All these schemes had one main goal that is to ensure a roof over the head for all. When making follow-up studies, the audio-visual media had a major say in taking the concept to the target population.

    The concept of low-cost housing became a rage among the poor sections of the society. People with small and marginal incomes started to implement this concept with much seriousness. In earlier times, they never knew that they could accomplish much with the meager resources under their command. The low-cost building concept now has many takers from all parts of the country. Many of the prominent Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are now sending their project teams to understand the housing scheme being implemented in Kerala.

    The prominent property developers now do much in depth market studies to understand the penetration of the various medias among the various sections of the population. Only then do they consider a particular media for advertisement and promotional activities. The website is the best medium to reach out to the international audience. Especially when marketing the luxury apartments worth more than one crore rupees, most builders rely upon the media that has much penetration among the expatriate population.


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