AD&D 1st Edition WotC to Release 1st Edition Premium Core Rulebooks Reprints

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    WotC to reprint 1st Edition books - benefits Gary Gygax Memorial Fund

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    Classy. Good on you, Whizbros.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Shaman View Post
    Classy. Good on you, Whizbros.
    That depends on how much goes to the Gygax Memorial Fund.

    "purchases of this book will help support the Gygax Memorial Fund"

    Many times items sold with a charity sales pitch have very low amounts of money that actually go to the charity. So before I'll go "Yay WOTC!" over the charity angle I'm going to want to know how much of that price point is actually going to the GMF vs. how much is the GMF being used to justify the price point.

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    And I bet some folks thought wotc would never put stat modifiers by gender back in print.

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    WHAT? Thi... This makes no sense. None. How can the same company responsible for all the idiocy of the last few years (not necessarily calling 4e idiotic, just their management of it as such) do something this... awesome. You know, un-corporate. Thinking like human beings and as fans of the game, not just about what the lawyers and accountants say will be the best thing for the bottom line. Is there someone in charge who finally gets it again?

    Or did they just let Monte and/or Mike make a move for the sake of keeping him/them and the community happy, and we'll never see anything like this from the company for another three decades? I actually for once hope my cynical doubt regarding WotC decisions and plans is misplaced, I really and truly do.

    This is what they should be doing, finally.
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    Wow, this was not something I was expecting, but it is many ways awesome.

    But $45 for the DMG and $35 for the PHB? I'm glad I kept my books, and in good shape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormonu View Post
    Wow, this was not something I was expecting, but it is many ways awesome.

    But $45 for the DMG and $35 for the PHB? I'm glad I kept my books, and in good shape.
    I've blown worse than $120 on worse things, heck that could be a bar tab one night when I want to do shots. I might buy two sets just to have a loaner set.
    I'll gladly buy these reproductions, if only to show WotC there is an older gamer market like myself out there.
    The giving to the Memorial Fund is just an added bonus in my book.

    To Wizards, I say good on you.
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    Anyone balking at the price should remember that this is in inflationary line with the original prices so pony up some dough

    This is just so cool.

    Parenthetically, photostat copies of the manuscript rules were made, and when the commercial game was published, fans not willing or financially unable to expend the princely sum of $10 for the product did likewise, copying the material on school (mainly college/university) machines. We were well aware of this, and many gamers who had spent their hard-earned money to buy the game were more irate than we were. In all, though, the 'pirate' material was more helpful that not. Many new fans were made by DMs who were using such copies to run their games. - Gary Gygax

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedungeondelver View Post
    [font=century gothic]
    Anyone balking at the price should remember that this is in inflationary line with the original prices so pony up some dough
    Maybe even a little cheaper. This inflation calculator seems to think that $48 in 1979 is the equivalent of $150 now!

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