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    Quote Originally Posted by erleni View Post
    I do not agree. In previous editions the assassin was really a sort of specialized rogue, but the 4th edition shadow-based Assassin was a different animal. Teleportation from level 1, shadow form for level 1 and the shroud mechanic made it really stand out as a class on its own.
    It definitely stood out as a class on its own, but I'd argue that calling it "Assassin" was an unnecessary overload of the term. Admittedly, I have gripes about this class that probably prevent objectivity, like did we really need a shadow power source? There are no fey power sourced character classes. I'm a fan of the new cosmology, so why have one and not the other?

    I'll be disappointed if the "shadow striker" is still named Assassin when the next rev comes around, but I'm completely fine with it being included.

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    I've just plowed through ten pages of replies and found that many people don't know the game they are playing.

    Example 1, in Vancian, you don't forget your spells. You prepare your spells in the morning, you don't relearn them every morning.

    Example 2, The existing power point system for psionics is very unbalanced and leads to being able to crank out more high level powers than wizards can.

    Now, as for the interview comments, I posted last year a list of about 15 things that I'd like to see changed in Pathfinder and I've since learned that every single one of them is going to be incorporated in 5. So, I'm very happy with what I'm hearing.
    I don't expect that every pre-existing class will have its own class write up in 5, nor do I want it to. I can easily see the Assassin being a variant of the Bard, for example - potentially a less social and more combat heavy version of the Bard (with a nod towards Dark Sun). I can, also, see the Warlock and the Sorcerer being brought together (maybe with the Druid thrown in there as well). This particularly because of wild talents which suggest that every character of every class has the potential to have a strange bloodline (which steals the Sorcerer's traditional sucktastic flavor) on top of which the Sor is Cha-based and the game designers want to clean the mess of what attributes represent. I see the Warlock, Sorcerer, and Druid being brought together as Cha-based full casters with slightly different themes (infernal, extraplanar, and fey respectively) - making pacts with supernatural beings for power. I can see the Warlord and the Fighter being brought together. So, the number of actual classes will be small, but the ability to build every single class that has pre-existed will be huge and rich.

    As for trading damage for other powers, trading your dps for something else doesn't make you a weaker character necessarily. Adventurers needs many abilities to complete an adventure, not just dps. Having the right other power makes you more powerful even at the cost of reduced dps.

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    In previous editions the assassin was really a sort of specialized rogue,
    In Dark Sun, the Assassin and Bard merged. This is where the Assassin should be. He kills through subterfuge (poison, death strike, etc.) which requires social skills and knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wormwood View Post
    I am really seeing a lot of respect for EVERY edition here. It looks like there is something to appeal to just about everyone here.

    The class section itself is going to be a thing of beauty.
    Or a nightmare...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evilusion View Post
    Well so far everything that has been posted about 5e has turned me off. It just seems they want to revamp 4e rules (which I dislike) and fit everything else they like from other editions into 5e.

    I guess it will be a wait and see until I can see the actual rules before making my final judgement.

    Strangely I have just the opposite reaction - it seems that they are bringing in concepts from previous editions that I had hoped had been staked and decapitated.

    Much prefer Vancian casting godcasters would be finally laid to rest but maybe they will have found a decent way to balance them against noncasters.

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