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    Quote Originally Posted by Klaus View Post
    Do what I did back in 2e: roll a "campaign array", and every player uses that.
    I've done something similar.

    Everyone rolls a set and then each person can choose a set of rolls from whatever was rolled. If everyone chooses the same set. so be it.


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    One thing I'd love to see return is XP per hit point, which takes into account that a monster with 104 hp is tougher than one with 13 hp.

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    Racial penalties need to die in a fire!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morrus View Post
    I love the idea of not having a skill list at all. It's simply the ability scores, with bonuses to certain actions, and those actions are open-ended and infinite in possibility.

    STR 15 (+2 when climbing, +3 when opening jars)
    DEX 12 (+2 when doing backflips)
    CON 10 (+4 against poison)
    INT 14 (+2 when researching, +2 when dealing with the history of Abba)
    WIS 9 (+4 when resisting compulsion due to stubbornness)
    CHA 10 (+2 initial impression due to good looks, +2 when dancing)
    Ugh, so now we have to scanning all over our character sheet to see which things we have bonuses for every time we do something that requires a check? Please no. One of the nicest things 4e ever did was putting a straight list of 17 numbers on your sheet that you can figure out before play and just roll against.

    I'd much rather see the 4e skill list where basic bonuses can be collected and if you want to have some specific advantages at doing certain things, then there can be other bonuses, but that will be a much shorter list for a given PC.

    Nothing slowed AD&D games down more than 'search for the bonus' which was usually written down somewhere in tiny handwriting jammed into the 'notes' section of your character sheet. It got old fast and just generally discouraged game designers from bothering with those sorts of things, which was too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbdulAlhazred View Post
    Ugh, so now we have to scanning all over our character sheet to see which things we have bonuses for every time we do something that requires a check?
    Not really. You have six ability scores which cover everything, plus you know your character knows a lot about Orcish history and has a knack for swimming. Easy as pie.

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    Don't think I like opposed rolls for many attacks such as Fireball, it reminds me of certain spells that were rays, had save negate and could be affected by spell resistance.

    I prefer if it was just one set of rolls for Fireball, either targets roll to save or attacker rolls against targets. With caster having something like:
    Intelligence (Save: 18, Attack: +8)

    So that at the beginning they can choose one or the other for who's going to roll and it still be mathematically the same.

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    Too much importance on ability scores.

    I certainly like using all 6 ability scores as saves, and do so in my games already, but hate the importance of ability scores for skills. Ability scores for me are just a measure of character potential and not a fixed gage of character power. 18 Str, you are potentially a strong person, but if you don't train, you're going to suck at swimming. 16 Int, you are potentially a smart person, but if you don't read those books and study hard, you're gonna suck at knowing things. While I am a firm believer that no + should ever exceed the dice rolled (so no d20+23), I think they can do a better system than relying on ability scores for everything, especially skills. Training should matter more than raw potential. There also should be a greater differential between numbers than +2 to show skill in an area. If you're a 1 and I'm a 10 that's a difference. If you're a 6 and I'm a 4, not enough different to bother with.

    I also don't want to bother negotiating with players every time a skill is used. "but my +2 in orc military history means I get a +2 on goblin history because they fought several wars against each other." "But my +2 make-up artist allows me to paint my face in such a way that allows me to use it with a stealth check." Too much of that is really going to get annoying. Too much history has past since the DM rules all system. While I still use it to a greater or lesser extent, as do we all, I don't want it to be the primary method for resolving every little +2 in the game. I'm hoping this is a exaggeration and that the play-test product will have more meat on its bones.

    As always, I reserve the right to change my mind, as do we all!

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    Regarding random ability scores:

    These are default because default is for new players. I've taught a couple people to game trying to use both random and point buy. I've found that some people in point by quickly get overwhelmed by it, since it involves a lot of math work, and they do not know the system well enough yet to know if the decisions they are making are good. Random rolls are much faster and less stressful for new players. I'm sure there will be a point by option for us pros, and I'm sure that organized play will use that option.

    Regarding looking for lots of bonuses:

    There will probably be stacking rules. In Dragon Age you only get one bonus for having a focus, so if you know a lot about history and a lot about dungeons, you only get the one bonus for knowing about the history of dungeons. I expect 5e will have something similar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Invisible Stalker View Post
    I also would like racial bonuses and penalties to be stronger.

    I do like what I'm hearing in general as a DM.

    4d6 drop the lowest is my preferred method of generation, so I'm glad that's still around.
    i'm all for racial bonuses and penalties. I don't think a halfling should EVER have an 18 STR. Give them something to offset it. Sure, half-orcs are strong, but non-charismatic. As for score generation, they will provide half a dozen ways to do that in the core, we can all find one we like. There's a certain thrill to rolling 4d6 and dropping the lowest, but it can certainly leave you some 6's and 7's sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erdrick Dragin View Post

    It's like this, WotC:

    If I cannot take my 3e character sheet, EXACTLY THE WAY IT'S WRITTEN, and play it in D&D Next exactly the way I would have in 3e...then there's no point in playing this 5e.

    I don't really see why you need to change editions at all then. If 3.5 is fully satisfying to you, then don't worry about 5e. I don't think most people have the assumption that they can take 1e/2e/3e/4e characters and play them verbatim in 5e. They will all have to be translated, and i think the designers are trying to build in enough options to make that translation/emulation as seamless as possible. I know, it's a tall order.

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