[LPF] Kostry Kopec
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    [LPF] Kostry Kopec

    Start Date: Feb 07, 2012
    DM: jkason
    Judge: @Mowgli


    Anaerion (jackslate45):
    Starting XP 10,867 (Wizard 5)
    Level 6 on 6/1/2012 (15017 xp)
    Level 7 on 11/7/2012 (24413 xp)

    Ausk (sunshadow21):
    Starting XP 10,098 (Barbarian 3 / Oracle 2)
    Level 6 on 6/28/2012 (15004 xp)
    Level 7 on 11/7/2012 (23212 xp)

    Kalgor and Gragnor (Satin Knights):
    Starting XP 10,867 (Summoner 3 / Ranger 1 / Wizard 1)
    Level 6 on 6/1/2012 (15017 xp)
    Level 7 on 11/7/2012 (24413 xp)

    Tyrien e’Adrianne (perrinmiller):
    Starting XP 10,094 (Fighter 4 / Bard 1)
    Level 6 on 6/28/12 (15044 xp)
    Ending XP 19832 (2330 Encounter XP + 7408 Time XP)
    Treasure Split: 12597.5 gp (4919.5 Encounter gp + 7678 time gp)

    Kanli the Mad (InVinoVeritas) (2/7/2012 - 5/1/2012):
    Starting XP 10,345 (Sorcerer 4 / Oracle 1)
    Ending XP 13177 (480 Encounter XP + 2352 Time XP)
    Treasure: 3712 gp (1108 Encounter gp + 2604 time gp)

    Party SOP
    Marching order (single file):
    Kanli Rylidak

    Marching order (Double):
    Gragnor .... Ausk
    Kalgor ....... KanliRylidak
    Anaerion ... Tyrien

    Going through doors:
    Gragnor searches for traps, perception +14. Tyrien disables if one is found.
    Gragnor first after Kalgor opens the door, Kalgor second, Ausk third, Kanli, Anaerion, Tyrien

    Anaerion and Kanli
    Ausk and Tyrien
    Kalgor and Gragnor

    Ghoul Encounter (CR 6)
    XP: 2400
    Treasure: ring of protection +1 (2000 gp)
    +1 scimitar (2315 gp)
    Wand of chill touch (15 charges) (225 gp)

    Gabbiano payout (mission completed, but no payout available until return): 1000 gp

    Kanli moves to NPC pending narrative exit point, removed from encounters: May 1, 2012.
    Kanli Time XP: 2352 XP
    Kanli Time GP: 2604 GP

    Dark Creepers X3 (CR2 each)
    XP: 1800

    Mayor Yrehgg's fee for information: 1,000 gp

    Mayoral magical aid:
    * 3 potions of lesser restoration, (900 gp)
    * 2 scrolls of remove curse, (750 gp)
    * 1 scroll of see invisibility, (150 gp)
    * 1 scroll of invisibility purge, (375 gp)

    Gagged Man (CR 6):
    XP: 2400

    Rapier (20 gp)
    Masterwork light crossbow, (335 gp)
    Bolts (20) (1 gp)
    +1 studded leather armor (1175 gp)
    Ring of protection +1 (2000 gp)
    Amulet of natural armor +1 (2000 gp)
    Alchemist’s lab x2 (400 gp)
    +1 Aberration-Bane Longsword

    Rupman's Vats
    XP: 4,000
    * dagger (2 gp)
    * potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
    * ring of counterspells (empty) (4000 gp)
    * key ring with normal keys to the vats and an elaborate key (no resale value)

    Reward tables

    Mowgli final spread: see here

    Adventure Rules
    Liberally adapted from others who do this better than I do:

    * Group initiative, rolled by GM. In the case where an individual member of the 'losing side' rolls better than all other individual members of the 'winners,' that character may act first in the inital round of combat (surprise or round 1). Otherwise, unless a players specifies that actions are to follow another character / event, actions happen in the order they were posted. More than 36 hours or so delay for posting during your turn in a combat may result in my NPCing the character to keep things moving.

    * Feel free to use Invisible Castle or the EnWorld on-line dice rollers for your characters. In general, I won't be posting my actual rolls, just results.

    * I tend to post pretty much daily during the week, less on the weekends. If you're going to be away for longer than a couple days, please let me know if at all possible so we can arrange NPCing if necessary. If you do not post for a week or more without notice, I may end up writing you out of the adventure. You will still receive your share of the XP and treasure earned as well as time XP and gp to the date of your last post.

    * If your character gets enough XP to level they may do so at the end of an encounter. This grants the extra hp, but does not heal damage, and grants any additional spell slots, but not spells prepared. A caster capable of spontaneously casting could use these slots normally, a cleric could only use them for cure or inflict spells, a druid for summon nature's ally, etc. Prepared casters may prepare spells in these slots as if they had left the slots blank for the day, if they are able to do so. They can go through the appropriate spell preparation as if they had already rested if applicable.

    * Mini stat blocks (preferably including a link back to the wiki page for your character) and a picture for maps are quite helpful.

    * I mess up sometimes. Everyone does. I'm happy to discuss questions about rulings or mistakes you may feel I've made; I just ask that we keep it civil. We're all here to have fun, so I'll do everything I can to facilitate that if you do the same.
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    The boistrous young woman stands at the back of the room, hands on her hips, still playing coy and flirtatious as each of you enter. She says nothing, though her raised eyebrows make it clear she'd appreciate an introduction.

    GM: Want to get everyone to post so I know we're all here before posting further.

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    Tyrien, Half-elven Archeress

    Tyrien accompanies Kanli.

    OOC: Made an assumption with Kanli and Tyrien coming in together, but I really jsut posted to start my subscription. I will need to post once more in the DWI after there are some responses.
    Mini Stats
    Initiative: +7 Perception: +11 (low-light vision)
    AC: 20 (15 flat-footed, 15 Touch)
    HP: 40 Current: 40
    CMB: +6 CMD: 21(16ff) Fort: +5 Reflex: +8 Will: +4
    +2 Will vs. Enchantments
    Special: Immune to Magical Sleep
    Current Conditions in Effect: PBS, Precise Shot, Arcane Strike (+1 Dmg), Resistance, Ioun Stone illumination, Deadly Aim (-2Att/+4dmg)
    Current Weapon in Hand: Longbow
    Chakrams: 3/3 Remaining

    Bardic Performance:
    5/5 Rounds Remaining
    Spells Remaining: Cantrips: (Message, Resistance, Mending, Prestidigitation)
    1st Level 2/2 (Cure Light Wounds, Timely Inspiration)

    Tyrien e'Adrianne

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    Kalgor (Mutt 5) and Gragnor (sentient panther 3)

    Telepathically as they walk back to the room
    "Be nice to her. The slut walk was just an act. And be nice to Marla too." "That's her name?" "Ugh! The waitress!"
    "The waitress, um Marla, said you needed help?" Since she is waiting for more, "I am Kalgor." The panther, not waiting, hops up in a chair at the table.
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    OOC: Subscribing for now.

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    Ausk enters the room quietly, and up close proves to be a study of contrasts. His simple garb and quiet voice seem out of place with his many scars and massive frame. "I am Ausk, a simple warrior seeking personal enlightenment. I understand you have a problem that requires assistance; I don't know if I can help, but I am willing to listen to find out." Seemingly oblivious to the flirtations of the hostess, he sits down, and as he sets the plate down, a small weasel immediately pokes his head out of one of the garb's pockets, looking around curiously at the assembled group. Coming to the panther, he stops, disappears into the pocket briefly, than pops out again, moving closer to examine the creature with a mixture of curiosity and concern, ready to flee back to his pocket home quickly if the situation should require it. Ausk watches his pet quietly as he awaits further details.

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    Kanli walks in with Tyrien. "Good day! I hear you need assistance. The Red Hand stands prepared. How may I help?"

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    An elf follows the pair of Tyrien and Kanli in, nodding towards Kalgor as he enters the room. He looks around and sees another face that he does not recognize at once. He turned towards to speak towards the hostess of the party, but ends up turning his head towards the side and says in a quick mutter "I am here to help as well. Anaerion is my name."

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    Looks like the gang's all here. I've updated the first post with links to characters and initial XP. When each of you get a chance, give it a quick glance to verify so we've got our base right before having to calculate anything. Made the mistake of not doing an initial XP list in my last game, and it's turning into a lot more work reconstructing XP and leveling

    "Oooh, all this help for little old me?" the woman says, sauntering around the group until she reaches the door of the room. She closes the door and leans against it to close it. Slowly, she reaches up to the gaudy ribbon in her hair and gives it a tug.

    The tug seems to unravel more than just the ribbon, but rather her entire form. Everything seems to fall apart and blur around the woman for a moment. When the change is complete, the suggestively-dressed human has been replaced by a richly-attired elven woman. Her gown is dark blues and purples, a red sash with a golden seal acting as a belt, and the ribbon has become a delicately-woven filigree holding her hair in a structured shape.

    She rises from her self-imposed slump, and any remnant of the strumpet is gone with her exquisite posture and bearing. She surveys the room again, calmly, then speaks.

    "I must first apologize for the deception, but as you'll soon discover, it is quite necessary. Before we begin, then, I must have the assurance of each of you that anything we discuss here remains in strictest confidence, whether you choose to enter my master's employment or not."

    She waits, then, holding her place, as if waiting for a response is something she is quite used to.

    Know: Nobility DC 10 or Local DC 15
    The seal on the woman's belt sash is that of House Gabbiano, a lesser noble merchant house.
    Nobility 15 or Local 20
    House Gabbiano was once far more prominent in Venza, but lost much of their fortune and influence in recent years
    Nobility 20 or Local 25
    Various scandals seem to surround the house. Rumor has it one of the Gabbianos was recently murdered under mysterious (and perhaps scandolous) circumstances, and that a former retainer of the house was caught up in some recent criminal activity, as well.

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    A thump is heard against the door as the lady keeps it closed. Then another. "Well whatever. Your meal is getting cold out here." Marla calls through the door. The sound of two wooden bowls and a mug being set by the door can be heard.

    "Standing between a panther and his meal might not be such a good idea." The panther sits impatiently, sniffing towards the door.

    "As to secrets, we all have them. If miss little chatterbox here can hide your secret, then I am pretty sure it will be safe."

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