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    "Well, at least they were nice enough to sign their work. If you know who they are, that gives a lead on how to fight them. I have never seen the symbol before."


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    "You already know more than we do, then," Rylidak says, looking to the wizard who's revelation cost him his lunch with some concern.

    "We've not found anything else other than the bodies out here. But that's where we think it came out of. No more activity from there since we arrived a few hours ago. At least, no more out here." The half-orc points to the collapsed wall that leads into Marshan's home.

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    Tyrien, Half-elven Archeress

    Tyrien frown in consternation at what she is being told.

    "So this creature has ties to a ancient and evil religion. That's just great. This creature probably reeks of death and brimstone, needs cold iron weapons to even harm it, and will be really, really, really ugly."

    The archeress is remembering a battle awhile ago where her bow was useless and all thy could do was wave a torch at the threat. She is hoping that this is not one of those similar circumstances once more.

    Mini Stats
    Initiative: +7 Perception: +11 (low-light vision)
    AC: 20 (15 flat-footed, 15 Touch)
    HP: 40 Current: 40
    CMB: +6 CMD: 21(16ff) Fort: +5 Reflex: +9 Will: +4
    +2 Will vs. Enchantments
    Special: Immune to Magical Sleep
    Current Conditions in Effect: PBS, Precise Shot, Arcane Strike (+1 Dmg), Resistance, Ioun Stone illumination (in darkness), Deadly Aim (-2Att/+4dmg)
    Current Weapon in Hand: Longbow
    Chakrams: 10/10 Remaining

    Bardic Performance:
    5/5 Rounds Remaining
    Spells Remaining: Cantrips: (Message, Resistance, Mending, Prestidigitation)
    1st Level 2/2 (Cure Light Wounds, Timely Inspiration)

    Tyrien e'Adrianne
    Playing & DMing: PF and SWSE

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    "Well, it is almost time to get back to the mayor. This looks to be a difficult job, but we should be able to handle it." Looking down at the cat, "Go sneak in there are take a peek. I expect you will find a hole leading to a tunnel." "But..." "You are the sneaky one mr. immortal. We won't be going in until we get the mayor's approval. It is just best to confirm where we will be going." "But..." "Here is some extra protection." Kalgor casts and touches the kitty. "I will be ready if you yelp. Go." "Grrrrr."

    Gragnor sneaks into the building, winding through the rubble...

    Kalgor casts Shield on Gragnor through Share Spells.
    Gragnor moving stealthfully to peek inside,
    Kalgor, bow in hand, arrow nocked, but bow lowered if cat runs out.
    Also readying with the free hand a dismissal of Gragnor if he gets bit/hit/chomped/mangled/swallowed.
    In other words, dismissal readied, weapon bow in hand, but not wielded.
    Kalgor AC 15 HP 45/45, Init +2, Perception +8/+10 vs human
    STR 18 Dex 14
    +1 Greatsword +8, 2d6+7+1 dirty fighting trait when flanking, or
    Handbo +7, d6+4
    Comp Longbow, +6, d8+4..... Arrows 10 Normal, 5 CI, 3 Blunt, 2 Smoking
    Fort: +5, Reflex +5, Will +5
    ...Summoner Cantrips: Detect Magic, Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Mage Hand, Jolt
    ...... . . Mage Cantrips: Read Magic, Prestidigitation, Dancing Lights
    .,....Summoner 1st Lvl: 3/4 remaining; Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon, Shield, Magic Fang, Expeditious Retreat
    ..,,,Mage 1st Lvl Spells: 3; Mage Armor(3hr), Vanish(3r), Enlarge Self*(3m), Bonded Amulet
    ...,,......,..Racial Spells: 1/day, not used; Daylight (50 minutes)
    ,.Summoner Monster II:
    4/4 remaining; std action SLA summon, (3 min), Celestial Hyena, d3 Celestial dogs, d3 celestial eagles
    .,,.........Battle Shaper: 4/4 remaining; swift action to grow a claw, bite or gore attack

    ...,,.......Combat Feats: Precise Strike
    .............Consumables: 2 Alchemist's Fires, 1 Cure Light Wounds potion
    Effects: Precise Strike

    Gragnor HP: 26/26, AC 29 with Mage Armor (2.9 hrs left), Shield (29 rounds)
    Bite +8, d4; Claw +8, d3; Claw +8, d3
    Fort +3, Reflex +7, Will +1, Evasion
    Perception +14, Stealth +14, Acrobatics +18, Init +4, Evasion, Precise Strike
    Effects: Precise Strike
    , Mage Armor, Shield

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    Anaerion says nothing, still recovering from the wooziness.

    The disembodied voice says "Good luck down there kitty! We will be down soon to explore as well! Let us know what you find!"

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    "I smell a lot of bad things down here, but no brimstone," Rylidak offers to Tyrien, "though you lot probably know a lot more about things like this than I do."

    Gragnor reluctantly picks his way into the collapsed house, entering through what's left of the front door, and relaying what he finds to Kalgor via telepathic link.

    telepathic link to Kalgor
    "I think this was a living room, boss, but boy, is this place a trash heap now. There's broken furniture and ... boss, there's body parts. Enough to make more than one person, but there's no blood. Like, anywhere. Just slime. Man, this stuff is nasty, it smells like ... Oh, oh hells I think I'm gonna--"

    Kalgor feels a wave of nausea through the telepathic link, then a much woozier telepathic 'voice' continues.

    "Well, Anaerion's not alone in the puking now, at least. Seriously, boss, this stuff is awful."

    GM: Gragnor failed a save and is currently Sickened

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    Relaying the news, "A couple more dead bodies inside. Anaerion isn't the only one needing a new lunch." Telepathically and out loud so the rest can hear, "Don't touch the slime. Continue searching. We need to know where they or it escaped to."

    Can we get a rough size of the building or maybe a map? A 20x20 shack with a wall missing wouldn't take long to search. But, a mansion with many rooms could tie us up for a while. Especially if the doorknobs are smooth and round.

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    Map attached showing what Gragnor's seen so far. Will do descriptive update of continued search later, but clearly it's not a mansion.
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    Anaerion thinks for a little bit, before saying outloud "Slime? Well, if it is an extra-planar blob of something, I guess that works. Somehow I doubt that. But, I can safely rule out undead creature. Still leaves an abomination or extra planar creature."

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    "We need to find it and deal with it, whatever it is, as well as anyone who was responsible for bringing it here." Ausk is starting to get a little twitchy, never being one for lengthy investigations, and less so when there is a known danger at the end of it.

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