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    Quote Originally Posted by jkason View Post
    The serpentfolk shopkeep raises her brow-ridge at Anaerion's disembodied voice. She mutters something in a hissing language under her breath and surveys the elven wizard, cocking her head on her sinous neck.

    "Now you aren't one of ours, are you?" she says as her gaze focuses on the spot where Anaerion's 'soul' hangs. "Isn't that an unexpected development?" she adds with an inscrutible smile.
    Aradra knew immediately that the shop keeper knew the truth about his "soul", but before he can leave the shop his "soul" decided to have one last say: "I know right? The lengths this guy will go is quite unexpected."

    "Ok, um, I'm done shopping for now so I'm going to wait outside."


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    Stepping outside where the others are waiting, "Well, you folk didn't speak up on what you want, so I got some scrolls to deal with possible situations. I didn't even have to sell the ring to pay for them. So, it is still up for grabs. As to the scrolls, one Dismissal for if it is an easy demon outsider to banish. Two scrolls of Umbrella so Anaerion and I can learn to ignore this damn rain. They are joyful cantrips, so the protection from the rain can be used as often as we need it. Its a long shot, but Create Treasure Map used on the first two may give us a more interesting place to inspect. We still have a few hours left if we are going to try that. The Unfetter is Gragnor's. Makes his little mapping trips less painful if we do it again. And the See Invisibility sounded like a good idea, so more should be better. If we come across another book, the Comprehend Languages is a good backup. That should work. So, we have 1,615 gold and the ring left. I tried to get one, but they ran out of healing wands."
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    Ausk does some quick shopping while the others talk just in case his normal weapons prove to be uneffective.

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    The girl's eyes widen at the sight of so much coin. Despite her pathetically drenched state, she smiles wide.

    "Thank you, sir!" she says a bit breathlessly, and doesn't even seem to mind the rain as she disappears.

    The serpentfolk doesn't fight her smirk as Anaerion retreats from the establishment, but she says no more about his soul, doing what she can to help Tyrien and Kalgor with their purchases.

    Back out in the rain, the party discusses their next turn. They know there's officially a bit of time before sunset, but they'd be hard pressed to recognize that fact with the downpour and the gloom.

    If no one has any more purchases, where to? I forgot to put it in the post, but the delivery from the mayor also has a voucher for (and directions to) a local Inn - Mirtev Spat - where you can retire when you wish to do so.

    I believe you had decided you wanted to try to track one of your names, though, is that correct? Let me know what your plan is, and I'll push things along.

    Also, Tyrien and Ausk should both be able to level from time XP by the end of the week if you guys want to start thinking about your level ups.
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    We are going after the historian in the run down church tonight. Hopefully he will have spent most of his spells for the day on buffs before the big event, and not had time to replenish.

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    Tyrien, Half-elven Archeress

    Tyrien leaves the shop after buying a nice, finely crafted pair of boots of leather than is supple and soft as to be quieter than most other boots.

    "I did not see one of those wands either, but I do have one of those already. Like my new boots?"

    Mini Stats
    Initiative: +7 Perception: +11 (low-light vision)
    AC: 20 (15 flat-footed, 15 Touch)
    HP: 40 Current: 40
    CMB: +6 CMD: 21(16ff) Fort: +5 Reflex: +9 Will: +4
    +2 Will vs. Enchantments
    Special: Immune to Magical Sleep
    Current Conditions in Effect: PBS, Precise Shot, Arcane Strike (+1 Dmg), Resistance, Ioun Stone illumination (in darkness), Deadly Aim (-2Att/+4dmg)
    Current Weapon in Hand: Longbow
    Chakrams: 8/8 Remaining

    Bardic Performance:
    5/5 Rounds Remaining
    Spells Remaining: Cantrips: (Message, Resistance, Mending, Prestidigitation)
    1st Level 2/2 (Cure Light Wounds, Timely Inspiration)

    Tyrien e'Adrianne
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    It takes a bit of winding through the tangles of Kostry Kopec -- and some still-unnerved crowds of citizens in the main roads and intersections -- but you make your way south until you find Maple Street. The church is small, and its age quite apparent. The windows are boarded up, but given the general disrepair of the place, that's not automatically a sign of menace. There are two doors, each on either side of what you imagine is the front vestibule.

    Let me know who's approaching and how, or any other strategies you have prior to entering.
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    OCC: Jkason, is Anaerion's Mage armor still up?

    If anyone wants Enlarge person before we entered let know

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    "I neeedss thhe heealss."
    Kalgor drinks one of the potions of restoration to counteract the poison. Since no one else has shown interest in the ring, he puts it on himself for now.
    Same question on Mage Armor. Gragnor had approximately 2.5 hours on his clock after we finished the dark creepers.
    No on the enlarge person for Kalgor, makes it hard to go through doors and thin hallways. If Ausk doesn't want it, Gragnor can benefit from it.

    Gragnor first, Kalgor second. Prefer the left door.

    Kalgor AC 16 HP 51/54, Init +2, Perception +9/+11 vs human, Darkvision, Move 20' STR 18 Dex 14
    +1 Greatsword +9, 2d6+7+1 dirty fighting trait when flanking, or
    Handbo +8, d6+4
    Comp Longbow, +7, d8+4..... Arrows 10 Normal, 5 CI, 3 Blunt, 2 Smoking
    Fort: +5, Reflex +5, Will +6, CMB +8, CMD 20
    ...Summoner Cantrips: Detect Magic, Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Mage Hand, Jolt
    ...... . . Mage Cantrips: Read Magic, Prestidigitation, Dancing Lights
    .,....Summoner 1st Lvl: 0/4 remaining; Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon, Shield, Magic Fang, Expeditious Retreat
    .,....Summoner 2nd Lvl: 1/1 remaining; Haste, Lesser Evolution Surge
    ..,,,Mage 1st Lvl Spells: 3; Mage Armor(3hr), Vanish(3r), Enlarge Self*(3m), Bonded Amulet
    ...,,......,..Racial Spells: 1/day, not used; Daylight (50 minutes)
    ,.Summoner Monster II:
    4/4 remaining; std action SLA summon, (3 min), Celestial Hyena, d3 Celestial dogs, d3 celestial eagles
    .,,.........Battle Shaper: 4/4 remaining; swift action to grow a claw, bite or gore attack

    ...,,.......Combat Feats: Precise Strike
    .............Consumables: 2 Alchemist's Fires, 1 Cure Light Wounds potion
    Party Supplies: Wearing the Ring +1 Protection
    ...........Party Supplies:
    2 scrolls of Umbrella, 2 scrolls of Create Treasure Map, Scroll of Devolution, Scroll of Unfetter, 3 scrolls of See Invisibility, Scroll of Comprehend Languages, 1 potion of lesser restoration (1 also carried by Tyrien), 2 scrolls of remove curse, 1 scroll of invisibility purge


    Gragnor HP: 17/26, AC 25 with Mage Armor ..... Move 40'
    Bite +8, d4; Claw +8, d3; Claw +8, d3
    Fort +3, Reflex +7, Will +1, CMB +2, CMD 16, Evasion
    Perception +14, Stealth +22, Darkvision
    Acrobatics +18, Init +4, Precise Strike
    Effects: Mage Armor 1.3 hrs
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackslate45 View Post
    OCC: Jkason, is Anaerion's Mage armor still up?
    I appear to have missed making note of when he cast it and can't seem to find it. When did it happen?

    ETA: Gragnor should still be Mage Armored. I estimate it's been about an hour with all the wandering about and consulting and shopping.
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