Whispers in the Night

While the Mystic Pearl has cornered the market on average magical items, there exists a shop in Venza that caters to the winds of chaos, harnessing them to bind souls into items, creating the most precious things in the world, magic that thinks for itself.

People in the know, even in whispers, only refer to it as 'that place'. For it is known that the owner can regularly do what a mage might only be able to once in their lifetime, breath life and sentience into something which had none before.
Rules: While there are mechanics to intelligent item construction, this is the one part of LPF where the mechanics are hidden from the players, characters and even judges. Gold is not the only currency bartered within these walls. Even the binder, with her extensive power is not able to guarantee a result. This is because friendship cannot be bought, it must be earned. Personalities are as fickle as the dice of fate.
Nobody really remembers when, but rumors tell that the shop simply appeared one night. Anyone looking at the massive sixty by eighty foot, four story, stone structure easily dismisses the tale as idle gossip. The massive oak double doors, twenty feet tall, are large enough that one assumes even a fire giant would be comfortable entering this place. A raised wooden porch, extending from the building twenty feet in every direction marks a territory few dare to tread. Although the building is set off from, and higher than its neighbors, it seems to be cloaked in shadows. The walls are polished gray stone and contain no windows.

If you approach the door, a pair of knockers greet you.
"Good evening. And your name is?".......... "Do you have an appointment?"