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    Cool. Now we can expect MtG coffee mugs, t-shirts, a cartoon, maybe a big-budget film (get Michael Bay on the line!), a reality show (Magic Swap), and MtG flamethrower (kids will love it!).


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    I've spent $3000 over the years on Magic -- boxes, tournaments, singles, Magic Online. It's basically been a $14/month subscription for the last eighteen years.

    My D&D spending is $800 to date, but Hasbro got barely any of that money -- I spent $79.76 on 4E books, and all the rest went to modules, dice, artists, and props. D&D can't win.

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    Which is why Hasbro should stop treating it like a cash cow and either support it or sell it.

    They own a little but of history, and should be proud of the fact. Withdrawing the pdfs of old modules was the most philistinic thing they've ever done. Like refusing to allow people to watch old movies. For shame, Hasbro! For shame!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry View Post
    So, while I'm guessing R&D for Magic is a hefty chunk of change, I'd agree with the second one -- I used to buy boxes and boxes of the same expansion in Magic, just to get 4-of-a-kind for every card as much as I could.

    Fortunately, common sense and marriage finally burned out my Magic-insanity years ago.
    I need to marry someone.

    "Species XR17 feeds upon the mental energies of its victims. This explains why the goblins remain unaffected." -Riptide Project researcher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmo View Post
    I need to marry someone.

    A serious long-term girlfriend also has the same effect.

    Or, if you are not one to get tied down like that, have you considered an addiction to cocaine or heroin?

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